Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is to you kid!

World, meet baby Robertson.

I met this little mess day before yesterday, I've never known love at first sight until then. As I sat there, with all that goop all over my tummy, I cried. Yes, I cried in public, in front of a stranger. They were tears of happiness, worry (well terrified) and of love. I have never loved something some much so fast! I'm still sometimes unsure of Dallas and he's been around since this summer.

So Baby Robertson, this is for you:

I can not wait to see your sweet face and to know you. To know your soul and to know if you will love your maker like your daddy and I do. Will you love us as much as we love you already? You are the size of a grape and don't do anything except make my puke (literally) and we can't stop talking about you! We can not wait to see your little sense humor that you will have to have to survive this family. I can't wait to see if you are going to be like your mamma and love the beach or like your daddy and just want to hunt and fish and smoke cigars. I can't wait to know if you are going to be a city kid like your momma or want to be on the farm like your daddy. Cowboy boots or flipflops? Who are you going to look like? Are you going to shock us and look like my momma?

They say that you are measuring 9 weeks... no way! Not possible. Are you going to be tall? You have too, have you seen your mamma's cousins?

You are already so loved! You will have more aunts than most of your friends... 6 to be exact. I pray that you are not a little boy, I'm so scared that they will turn you into a drag queen before you can even sit up! I do want you to be a little boy for your granddaddy's and poppa's sake, they need more boys around here.

Issaac, Holden and Wyatt are going to be here in the next month or two and we are already so excited about you guys being friends!

I love you baby and will see you in September!

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