Friday, June 27, 2008

New discoveries

I wish that i had blogged about this the day that this picture took place. This is Ben and Henry. They are 2 of the 3 little boys that I watch. We have big fun. We go to the beach, to the park, to get lollipops and sometimes just ride around on the golf cart. I love this. This was one of the first days that I could actually take them to the beach and they could get in. Oh how much fun that is was!! They were confused that I would not let them play with the washed up jellyfish, as they

thought that they were balls. I remember how they thought that the tide was so funny. They just played and played. Their mom and I thought surely they won't need sunscreen, it was only April! No no, Henry (the one on the right, as so burned and he had white marks where the wet sand was stuck. I felt horrible.

What makes me love this this picture and the memories of this day, is the new discoveries. Oh course they played on the beach last summer, but they were too little to remember. I love that everything was new and they could not get enough. They loved the sand, they loved playing together, they loved having their pictures taken. They loved everything.

How often to we take advantage of living here at the beach? Oh it's too hot, it's so windy, it's to .... whatever! What if we didn't have the beach? It is such a reminder that our God is so mighty and faithful. He's as faithful as the tide always comes in and always goes out.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Yesterday was one of those days that required napping... all day. Frank was working so we took total advantage of the Sunday night service. During worship, I looked over ( I know I should not have been distracted, but I was!), and there was this little boy with his dad. The dad was alone and the little boy was about 1. It was so sweet, the little guy was just clapping and trying to dance the best that he could while being held. He clapped for a while.
After the service, I was thinking about that little guy and his dad. I have no idea who they are, if the dad is single or if the little boy is his. But it made me think... what an example that guy is. That he would get that little guy dress and take him to church at the "witching hour" in little people's world. That church was more important that bath time, t.v. time or whatever you do at night time when you have little ones. It made me happy for the little guy that he has an example like that.
Then there was the little boy and how precious he was! How he was loving Jesus (okay maybe it was just the music), how he was "clapping" and dancing. Isn't that the way that we are suppose to worship... oblivious to the world around us. Is that was Jesus meant when he said, "Let the children come to me"?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A dream

For those of you who are not Emily, you may not know that I have some crazy dreams. No, they are not people coming at my trying to touch my neck.... weirdo!
For the last 2 years, I have had dreams of Franks and my children that we so sweet that they have made me tear up with joy. Last night I dreamt of our wedding day. I (plus my dad and Abbi) have been planning so much that all of this finally came about. I had a vision of what it would all look like.
However, the dream was so vivid as to the scenery, but about the relationships that day. I saw my dad after I was all done up, and we cried. I saw Frank as my dad and I walked down the aisle, and I think that I was smiling in my dream. The day is going to be amazing and I can not wait!!

I can not wait to see where the Lord is leading us and this amazing journey that we are about to embark on together... hang on!! I know that we are going to have the ride of a life time that it is going to be filled with Jesus, laughter and many cigars! 58 days and counting!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

My to do list: 18 months

So this is my first blog... so bear with me.
This was a challange given to me about 2 months ago, and here it is:

1. Run a marathon and not pass out
DONE!!! 2. Donate my hair to locks of love.
3. Hit my goal weight and look fabulous!
4. Throw an amazing party for a fabulous friend.
DONE!!!! 5. Get married without a hitch.
6. See clear ocean water.
7. Go to africa
DONE!!!!8. Sit on a mountain top and let my feet hang over the edge... barefoot!
DONE!!! 9. Buy a 4 door car.
10. Make it through my first year of marriage with no babies, no killing eachother and minimal timeouts
11. Go to an outdoor concert or huge festival.
12. Go back to school and finish this time.
13. Start a company
14. Build a savings account.
15. Start a fruitful small group, pref. all women.
16. Be an amazing wife.
17. Read the entire bible, in order, at least once.
DONE!!! 18. Become a regular tither.
19. Buy a house
20. Make the house livable.
DONE!!!21. Go to a winery.
DONE!!!22. Have a beath taking kiss.
23. Get scuba certified.
24. Go to a braves game to see what the fuss is about.
25. Blog regularly.
26. Go the aquarium in Atlanta
DONE!! 27. Have a meaningful job.
28. Eat a 5 star resturant with fabulous company, fabulous shoes and fabulous conversation.
29. Give blood before going to Africa.
30. Buy new bedroom furniture.
DONE!!!31. Learn to fish.
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