Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Change, the good kind

Change.  I don't do it well.  I've blogged about it before.  This change, however, is exciting change.  It's new, it's healthy change, it's bettering my family change.  I'm excited about this one.

This journey to organic eating started a while ago.  If fact it started my senior year in high school where we had to do this huge project, it was to prepare us for college... my thoughts, if you don't know how to do it by now, you aren't going to learn now, right?  I did my project of how media effects women and girls both mentally and physically.  I came across this article about how girls are started their periods and hitting puberty way to early, some as young as 6!!  I vowed to start cleaning up the way I eat.  But life happened, it's expensive and it was still new information that people were not aware of.

Fast forward 7 years, I wanted some yogurt, something that I could never eat before.  I could when I was little, but NEVER as an adult (you can read about that here) and my discovery was sickening!  I told Frank about it and showed him my discoveries and we vowed to make the diary change... we now enjoy cheese and crackers at our little Robertson happy hour.

Fast forward another 2 years and we are sitting on our couch watching "Food, inc.".  If you have not seen it, do it and do it now!  We said we would make changes and we tried, it's just really hard on a tight budget, so I thought at least.

Another year goes by with ignored conviction and we are in Texas enjoying some family time and much needed R&R.  Talking to my sister-in-love.  She tells me that my precious niece (who is 9) is started to go through puberty.  I freak out ((quietly of course), so does Frank.  He starts asking her all these questions about their diet , etc.  That night we promised things would be different with our sweet girls.

This weekend, Frank and I got to go on a date night and sweet AB staying with my parents.  While we were there, Frank asked me if I would be embarrassed if he asked where the beef came from.  I said no.  But then I started thinking about it while the server went and got the manager.  And I asked Frank, what is the point of asking this if we don't even care at home?  He said I was right and that we needed to make change started right now, well, after he finished his AMAZING steak from fire birds.  Side note, have you been there??  If not, go now, it's amazing!

This Saturday, AB was still at the parents and Frank was a work, I went to the farmers market on my own to start this honorable way of living.  I'm a dork and asked some of our farmer friends who to go see.  I wrote their farms on my hand to make sure I went to the right people.

I had a blast and spent my money so fast... but I got some good loot!!

This is our dinner plans for this week:

  • Taco's (last night and they were AWESOME)... grass fed, no hormone or antibiotics, YES PLEASE!!
  • Roast in the slow cooker with potatoes and carrots with a side of collard greens... all organic!  Emma says, "thank you momma!"
  • Summer salad... Romaine lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, blue cheese, avocado, tomatoes and walnuts :)
  • and of course, LEFT OVERS!!
While all of this is still in the works and we are cleaning up what we eat slowly but surely, I feel like these are changes that we will make permanent in our home.  We are not racing to joint PETA but we are racing to have our girls raised in a home that eats the way that Jesus would have us eat.  We, as a family, refuse to be a statistic in the obesity epidemic here in the US.  We will respect the animals on the land and treat them humanely, to eat the fruits of the land and enjoy the farmers harvest!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

8 months

I can not believe that Annabelle has only been with us for 8 months... what did we do before her??  The 16th marked her 8 month little birthday and I just can not get over how fast time is flying.  My aunt was telling me just the other day how she felt like yesterday she was telling her daughter that it would be 5 years before she had to worry about her little girl starting kindergarten.... Kaleigh starts in the fall.  Jennifer cries about it whenever she talks about it.  I feel the same way, that one morning I'm going to wake up and we are getting ready for school and I'm making PB&J's.  I'm totally not ready for this!!

ANYWAYS, so here we are, 8 months along and this is where AB is:

  • You are long and learn... I mean, you still have your cute little leg rolls, but you are not nearly as heavy as some of your boyfriends.
  • You wear size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes, some 12 months.
  • You think body noises are funny, especially coughing, sneezing and burping.
  • You make the funniest face when you poop (sorry, inappropriate but so funny!!).
  • You are on the verge of crawling any day now.
  • You get on all fours and rock and do this weird army crawl.  You put one hand forward and fall on your face and scoot.
  • You love Dallas and think he is a riot.  You grab his fur relentlessly.  We are working on being gentle- mommy fail here.
  • You are in this akward, weird transition right now where you are not really into your bottle anymore but don't really get the sippy cup yet.  I'm not worried about it because it's so hot outside you will get it soon.
  • You are getting less and less interested in baby food and are really digging feeding yourself and think that big people food is really cool
  • You fake cough for attention.  I laugh.
  • You are a daddy's girl and love to rough house with him.  Just last night he was throwing you on the bed and "wrestling" with you and you just thought it was hilarious.  The other night I was taking a nap and I heard all this racket... you were in your high chair and he was pushing you around the kitchen bumping into things, you were laughing so hard.  
  • You have started talking and are learning social skills for conversation, it's really neat to watch.  You say "ba-ba", "mama" "dada" and "lala".  When you are talking, you pause and let me talk and then you resume.  Precious.
  • You have started kissing.  I use this term VERY loosely as it's an open mouth kiss with licking.  It's wet and messy and we love it!
  • We went to Texas this month and you love your Texas family... and of course they totally are in love with you!  I think that Nanna is your favorite, but don't worry, I won't tell anyone :)
  • You love to flirt, especially with men.  I laugh when you do this.  You will bat your eyes and give them a big ole' smile.
  • You still kick your feet and rub them together.
  • You yell when you are not pleased or need to get some attention... I do not like this and we are working on it.
  • You still are a great sleeper, 12 hours a night and 2 2 hour naps a day with an occasional cat nap in the evening.

We love you sweet baby and can not wait for the next 8 months!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some design...

Some have asked me where I got the name for my little business...

The "Kathryn" is my second daughter's (still in the womb) middle name, you can read about her name here.

The "Hart" is my first born's middle name and my old middle name.  You can read about that name here.

I hope that you are having a fun and lazy Sunday like we are.  We have had 2 naps so far and lunch... that is about it :)  Now, order some wraps!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kathryn Hart Designs

The other day I announced that there was some exciting things going on around here.  Well, I'm so excited to finally say:  I'm starting my own business!!  

My shop, for now, will be on etsy.com.  I'm still working on it, but I wanted to get things started here first (okay, I'm really frustrated getting it set up so I'm taking the easy way out right now and doing the easy part first!).
Here are some goodies that I've been working on:

The front
The back



Here are the details:
They are a little larger than the "hooter hider".  The neck strap is COMPLETELY adjustable.  They are made from 100% cotton and stitched with lots of love.
I'm selling them for just $25 each.  I have just started making them so I do not have a ton of inventory, so let me know what you like and I can make it.  If you already have fabric but don't know how, email me and we can work out the details.
*In the near future, like as soon as fedex drops off the package, I will have custom burp clothes.  I will also start to make car seat tents... you know, to keep the crazy lady at church or at the grocery store from touching your babe.*


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

this and that

There are some really exciting things that are going on around here.  Besides a babe on the way, a dog that eats poopy diapers and another babe that is on the verge of crawling or walking, we are not sure still what is going to happen first!

If you read this, will you please follow me?  Just click on the link and add me :)  It wold make my hear happy to see your sweet faces over there!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've blogged about this before, once in fact this year, my mom.  Mother's day and an anniversary all in one week just seems fitting.

I cannot believe that tomorrow will mark 13 years that you went to meet Jesus!  Where has time gone?  How have Emily, dad and I done this thing called life without you for 13 years?  It seems like an eternity.  I miss you, I really do.  When I look at Annabelle and now feel Emma move in me, my heart just aches.  How can you be missing this?  It just doesn't seem fair.
I talk to Annabelle about you all the time.   I try to remember how patient you were with Emily and I and bring that into my parenting... it's hard!  Can you tell me how you did it?  How you did it all?
Can I tell you how I was thankful for all that you did for me?  That you would bring me stuff to school that i had forgotten or you were always at my swim meets to cheer me on or would clean my room because I wouldn't.  I loved that, and I want that for my girls too.
When I snuggle AB, I do that sound you did.  It makes miss you.  There is a picture of the four of us (from the 80's) that hangs in the hall way next to her room.  When AB sees it, she stares at it.  The only person that she knows in that picture is dad, does she know you?  I know it's not biblical, but she smiles, does her "funky chicken" dance and starts "talking".  I tell her who everyone is, she's not listening because she is talking.  It's quit amusing.
I miss you mom and I cannot wait to see you again.
I love you,
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