Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kathryn Hart Designs

The other day I announced that there was some exciting things going on around here.  Well, I'm so excited to finally say:  I'm starting my own business!!  

My shop, for now, will be on  I'm still working on it, but I wanted to get things started here first (okay, I'm really frustrated getting it set up so I'm taking the easy way out right now and doing the easy part first!).
Here are some goodies that I've been working on:

The front
The back



Here are the details:
They are a little larger than the "hooter hider".  The neck strap is COMPLETELY adjustable.  They are made from 100% cotton and stitched with lots of love.
I'm selling them for just $25 each.  I have just started making them so I do not have a ton of inventory, so let me know what you like and I can make it.  If you already have fabric but don't know how, email me and we can work out the details.
*In the near future, like as soon as fedex drops off the package, I will have custom burp clothes.  I will also start to make car seat tents... you know, to keep the crazy lady at church or at the grocery store from touching your babe.*



Ashley said...

So exciting! I can't wait to place an order... so I may have missed the post where you explained the name of your business. Congrats!

They call me Mrs. Robertson said...

Ashley, let me know what you want and we will get one to you!!

Hilary Surratt said...

love them! So cute! :)

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