Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can I be honest right now?  I mean, really honest?  Can I tell you how I really feel?? I'm not going to apologize for how it may sound or how long this may be.  Here we go..

I miss my old life.  I really do.  Don't get me wrong, I have wanted to stay at home my whole life and have a house full of babies.  If fact, I love that Dallas (my 4 legged baby) is laying at my feet right now.  But I miss the days of getting dressed for work ( I did it for 12 years!) and wear fabulous shoes and packing my lunch or meeting my hot boyfriend for lunch.  It seemed so affair like to have lunch with him downtown when we were dating!    And that is another thing.  I really miss blowing a paycheck on a fab pair of jeans... they are still in the closet but won't fit until there are some serious changes and a couple of flu visits!

I miss sleeping all day with my hubby and finally peeling ourselves out of bed to go and find food.  What about those nights that were spend doing nothing but having the time of our lives.  The only thing we had to worry about was who was going to get out of bed for 3 minutes to take the dog out in the am.

This task of being a mom, that has eternity weighing on my shoulders.  PEOPLE, the Lord is going to ask me about my parenting skills.... here is the scary part, I have no clue what I'm doing?  When I was pregnant and knew everything, this seemed so simple, but now, it's so complicated.  

My girlfriend Carrie calls it kingdom building.  I love that.  It makes the days of blow outs and melt downs seem less mundane.
I wrote this blog when I was pregnant and had some clarity before the storm.  I found it last night and remembered the days that I could not wait for!

Please don't judge me.  Please pray for me, I mean it!  Pray that I will learn contentment at home.  That's another thing, we moved (again).  Our house is a mess and I'm working my little hands off to get it in order.  Please pray that I will have the patience to weather this storm in my life and come out a better wife, mom but mostly, a better Jesus follower.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Traveling with an infant 101

I swore when I was pregnant that my blog would not become all about my baby, but dang she's cute and I'm learning so much!  Turns out, I don't know anything about anything!  I have learned that if you feed them about every 3 hours, change their diapers and give them snuggles they tend to act right and are fun!

Since everyone I know (well sorta) has had a child in the last year and most will be traveling in the near future I thought that I would share the valuable lessons that I learned in hopes to help you out!

Since the airlines now charge you for each bag that you check, we took two carry-on suitcases, two personal bags, umbrella stroller and the Bjorn in hopes of saving some cash.  This is what we did:

What to pack:
(if you are flying)
1.  Just a few outfits (if you can wash them where you are staying).
2.  The monitor (you will want to have two hands to drink some eggnog and hang out with the relatives).
3.  Your pump.  Those sweet relatives are going to want to feed that babe of yours (and you will love the extra help).
4.  Enough diapers just to get there.  Bring your coupons and hit up wal-mart for diapers, wipes and the bathtime things.
5.  Gripe water or Mylicon

*They will check the stroller and car seat for free. You will want to valet check the stroller so you can pile everything on it while going through the airport.

We packed our clothes, AB's clothes and the above gear in the suitcases.  I carried the diaper bag as my personal bag and Frank carried a messenger bag that had snacks, reading material, ipods, and chargers in.

When you are packing your diaper bag, for the love, make sure that the gas medicine you use is in there.  With the pressure change, it can make their tiny tummies upset.  If you nurse, do not forget the hooter hider.  If you do not have one or can not afford the thing, email me and I will make you one for cheap!

With the million dollar question: 
What do I do with my babe on the plane?
First of all, throw their schedule out the window the day of travel, as you will need to just survive the flight(s) without a meltdown.
If you can, plan on a feeding during take off and landing.  If you can, nursing is the best, especially during landing.  I did use the bottle for one landing and she did just fine.  I sat next to the window so that I had more privacy.  The pacifier did not work during one of the four landings that we hadHer tummy got so upset and she had horrible gas, I'm thankful that the meltdown happened after we landed and were getting off the plane so that the jet full of people did not have to hear her (too bad all of the Memphis airport did hear it... sorry guys!). 

I would also recommend using some sort of carrier to carry the babe in.  We used our Bjorn and it was perfect.  We took our stroller for use while we were there but used it to carry all our stuff in while in the airport.  We did plane side valet for the suitcases and stroller and it was perfect.

Good luck with the travel and feel free to email me with any other questions!! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Messin' with Texas!

After my last post, I figured this needed to be a good one with lots of pictures to brighten up this time! So enjoy...

We are on a 2 week trip to Texas right now... and anyone who knows this Robertson family, knows we love our trips to Texas! We arrived last Wednesday in Dallas and then on Thursday afternoon we headed to Houston to see the Robertson side of the family. So here we go:

Thursday night, Papa George falling in love with Annabelle. We went out to dinner and to our surprise, Aunt Kathy and Uncle John babysat for us... what a treat!

Papa George and Annabelle

The next day, we went to old town Spring, TX for a fun day of burgers and shopping.  Annabelle enjoyed her afternoon in the stroller and a stellar blowout!

Annabelle cruising in Old town Spring, Texas

The next day, Frank's older brother, Chad and his family came into town and we had a fun day of food and fellowship.  We went to see Uncle Ben and MaMaw.  We came back to the house to enjoy each others company!

Meghan didn't make it long!

Frank, George and Annabelle.  Just a little help from one shiner lover to another. 

*George was taking his role very serious here.  And you do not let child rearing get in the way of shiner time around here! 
Frank, Sambo, Annabelle and Meghan
Sambo is from MaMaw's house in LA. He was brought to Houston to live with Aunt Kathy and Uncle John.

Haidyn and Annabelle
The Robertson's have some awesome older cousin's that are such a big help!

Daddy and Annabelle
Today we are hanging out at Nanna's and enjoying some R&R!  Tomorrow we are heading to Murphy for some holsome fun!

Here are some goodies from before our trip:

Rapper baby!
"Hail Mary Annabelle"

Happy Monday!  Have a fun week!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My heart is broken.  It breaks a little more everyday as the reality of my loss becomes more and more.  What happens to my family now?  Our glue, our matriarch, our central hub is now gone.  Where do we go for Christmas?  Who is going to make breakfast casserole and monitor the wrapping paper fights?  Who is going to buy the pretty cakes and make sure that we have a home to celebrate a birthday party in?  Who is going to make the "maw's creamy coffee"?  Will it taste the same?

What about the love that she gave?  Will my heart mend from the love that it will no longer get from her?  What about the encouragement that I NEED from her?  When I am worried about the future and she tells me about then she had 4 young babies and they just made it work... I have one and she promised me that I will make it.  What about those silly cards that had horrible pictures drawn in them illustrating me driving from Charleston to her house to see her and her cat... my mailbox will be so empty, so will my heart.  What about the horribly sung birthday messages that would be left only voice mail... I kept them until Verizon forced me to delete them.

What about the future baby Robertson's, what will I tell them, how can I tell them, where do I begin to tell them how amazing she was?

Maw, Abbey, Annabelle.
Her marriage to poppy was incredible!  You can read my thoughts about that here.

Maw-Maw has taught me so much in the short 27 1/2 years that I had with her.  She taught me that life is really short and you have to marry your soul mate.  That love does prevail and with lots of hard work, you will make it.  She lived her life teaching us that with courage and strength you can concur all that is placed before you.  Her generosity, compassion and love was her essence.  But most importantly what she taught all of us, for the love, do not leave the house without lip stick and a fabulous cocktail ring!

Maw Maw, I miss you already and I can not wait to see you in Heaven!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here is to you Franklin, you bed hog you!

Yes, you are HOT and you cook for me...

and you talk me into things that I do think are a good idea....

and they turn out AWESOME!

You are always up for a good time and we laugh... a lot!

But for the love, please stop hogging the bed!

I love you darlin'

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Tuesday

What a happy Tuesday it will be...
Me and my Mini-me

The Robertson family (minus Dallas who is at Aunt Emily's house)

She looks like me, but dang, she sleeps exactly like her daddy!

she's so cute, you could eat her!

Just so you can see how pretty she is!

Enjoy your Tuesday... mine will be filled with laundry and nursing!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I don't know a lot, but I know this...

After 9 LOOONNNGGG months of being preggers and 1 1/2 weeks into parenting, I do know a few things that I would like to share.  Mostly as a reminder to myself when we get around to baby #2.  Please note, that in no way do I think that I am an expert in parenting, I have no idea what I'm doing nor will I pretend that I do.  None of the less, here are the lessons that I have learned.

1.  I WILL cry over spilled milk!  I worked hard to get my milk in that little bottle.  Please do not spill it, spit it up nor let is go bad!  Amen?
3.  For the love, get a pedi and wax the eye brows!  I know they are expensive, but when you feel (and well face it, look like) a cow, you should at least be able to look down and see some awesome painted hot pink toes.  And those pictures are going to be around for a life time, poorly maintained eye brows are just an embarrassment!
4.  You need to laugh at yourself when you are lying in bed with your sweet husband and your sleeping baby that sounds like a little goat and you start crying for no reason (baby blues anyone?!?).  And for the love, let your husband laugh at your ridiculousness, it will make it more barible for all parties (yes Frank, I will cry about it).
5.  Sitz baths are a non-negotiable.  They feel so good and help you heal faster but mostly they give you 5 to 10 minutes of alone time where no one is trying to nurse on you or your husband will keep from asking where you put something (and you have no idea where it is because it fell victim to your last nesting episode!).
6.  Take a shower and make sure that you brush your teeth everyday.  It will make you feel pretty when you still feel like your insides are about to fall out.
7.  It's okay to cry because you miss your days of boredom (you didn't realize how bored you were until your little bundle of joy showed up!) and sleep.  And by sleep, I mean more than a hour and half at a time!
8. Witch Hazel, enough said!
9.  An incredible husband is of the upmost importance.  Someone who gets up and rocks that babe when you just layed down, or will get up to put the passy back in.  He will rock her, sing toher and for the love, kiss her sweet cheeck and lips all the time!
10.  All the things that you said that you will never do, you will do.  (introducing the passy during week 1, being brand loyal to diapers because they get the best reviews... yeah right, people give them to you, you will use them!).

What are you other lessons learned??

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Brithday sweet girl!

Many friends have asked about how the birth went, what happened- they want all the details.  I feel as though it's like when you go on a mission trip and people say they want to hear all about it... but they really just want the highlights.  They tell us during the debriefing from the trip, they tell you to have a one liner, two minute and fifteen minute answer... I feel like I have to say the same thing with the birth of my sweet girl!

So here is the whole story (for all you who are curious, but mostly for me to remember that sweet day that is only becoming further and further away!).

So here is the warning:  If you don't like blood and guts, move on! 

Giving birth is the most beautifully messy this that we do!  On Tuesday we were suppose to get to the hospital but we were running late.  We get there and the lady in the ER that was signing us in (admin had left for the day) and she said that we needed to talk to the head nurse but that she was in the delivery room.  As we sat there, I realized that i had a message and a missed call from the hospital.  It was her asking if we could come in at 7pm instead because they had more people come in than they had planned.  So, off to McAlisters for dinner.  Please note that is where I grabbed lunch the day of my wedding, I love that these two huge events were kicked off with McAlisters. 
We went back and got checked in.  Michelle greeted us in the room and told us that she would be our nurse for the evening.  She got us all set up and asked about 1 million questions about both Frank's and my family medical history (thank goodness that we are all healthy people!!).  This man Dr. came in and inserted a cervadil.  It hurt so bad and frank about hit him for not being gentle.  Michelle gave my a huge sleeping pill and we said goodnight.  The next morning, I took a shower, got all ready and started having contractions.  They set me up with the petosin and around 10am they gave me an epidural.  I was making great progress and made it through the day with lots of friends and family to make me laugh.  Popsicles were a life saver!  I stopped dialating around 8pm.  I could not get past the hump.  After talking to Michelle and telling her that a c-section was not an option (like I had a choice!).  She told me that she would talk to my Dr. and she would see what she could do.  They stopped the petosin for about 30 minutes and then started again.  I just couldn't relax.  Michelle kicked everyone out of the room, turning the lights off and got me to sleep for a little bit.   At this point, it's around 10:30-11pm.  After moving me to different positions to get the dialing going again, I finally made it to 9.5cm.  Dr. Gregory said that I was ready to start pushing.  They got me all hooked up with more epidural and started getting to business.  I pushed through 5 contractions.  About 3 to 4 sets of counting to 10 each and she was out.  When her head was out, frank looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "she looks just like you".  One more push and she was out and on top of me.  I could not believe it!  Annabelle started crying, it was the most pathetic "wah wah wah" cry.  Frank went over as the sweet nursery cleaned her up.  It was amazing to see him taking pictures of the miracle and watching the nurses every move. 
When Annabelle came out, the was the most amazing feeling ever.  The pressure that was released was incredible.  Then when the placenta came out, it was the same way.  The most amazing miracle was that when they pulled the placenta came out, they were looking at the cord, there was about a inch stretch that was spaghetti noodle thin.  I asked Dr. Gregory what could have happened, then said I didn't want to know if it had torn or severed.  She told me that I didn't want to know!
Dr. Gregory worked so hard to get me all stitched up and set to go.  The family came in to see us after I got all cleaned up and everyone cried, it was such a sweet moment.  Finally after 20 hours of being awake and having a babe, Michelle gave me a big sleeping pill and we went to bed around 4am. 

Some of the highlights of the evening:
*When Annabelle came out, it was such a release of pressure.  I told the Dr. "I feel so empty."  Frank's response, as he was holding his new baby girl, "I don't."  I'll never forget that moment, or the fact that Dr. Gregory and Michelle and I teared up as we all looked at each other.
*How sweet Frank was during the whole day.  He changed things, touch things, move things, moved me and took total care of me and really helped Michelle out.  I could not be more blessed to spend the rest of my life with this man!

So this is our story.  It was a a ride that I will never forget.  We are so thankful that our sweet Annabelle made it out safely and healthy! 
Happy Birthday sweet Annabelle!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years ago....

I can not believe that it has been 9 years already!  I will never forget that morning, being woken up by my uncle and watching mass chaos unfold on TV and in our own city!  I remember being at work and co-workers parents were not home yet from work.  There was no way to get a hold of anyone.  It was terrifying.  Fighter planes flying over our house, making it shake... you could see the missiles locked and ready to go.  My uncle said, "Abbey, go look, you may never see this again."  I pray to this day that he was right!

That day at school changed everything.  Most of the middle eastern kids were so scared to come to school.  I remember waiting to see if my class was going to happen or if it had been cancelled.  One of my classmates and I were sitting outside waiting (did I mention that it was the most perfect fall day outside?) and started talking.  He told me that he moved to VA when he was a babe and they were from Pakistan.  His story was incredible.  As I sat there and listened... my heart broke for him.  He said that his mom was terrified to come out of her house, what would be people say?  What would they do?

That day I learned about forgiveness, we all need it.  We all make mistakes... what if I was held accountable for things done that were out of my control?  What if I were lumped in with the Germans during WWII?  Or with the Vietnam conflict?  Or desert storm?  All of these horrible things that we lump people into just because of their color or their nationality, needs to be let go.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I had, what I was praying would be, my last Dr. appointment this morning.  To be honest, I was hoping to not even make it to the appointment because that would be mean 2 things...
1. Frank would be here for a whole week.
2.  I would be in the hospital having Annabelle and nursing taking care of both of us!

But it didn't happen that way.  On the way home, I was thinking about the whole motherhood thing and what are my expectations of myself in this life long journey.

So here is a charge to myself for the next 70 years:

1.  Laugh, a lot.  Make those days of blowouts and meltdowns seem like they don't matter in the long run.  If you can't laugh, you can't make it, right?
2.  Really enjoy each new phase as it comes.
3.  Be brave!  Let's be honest, I'm a little over whelmed at the responsibility that is coming my way and it's a little scary that I will be held accountable for the things that I teach/ don't teach the little Robertson's.
4.  Love their sweet daddy more and more each day.  There is nothing more comforting than having parents that love each other more than anything.
5.  Really work on their relationships with grandparents, cousins and aunts (yes, my child don't not have an uncle right now... we are working on making them legal through).
6.  To make sure that i forgive myself for the mistakes that their sweet daddy and I will make.
7.  To carve out family time that is fun and making memories that they will carry into adulthood and will pour over into their families.
8.  For Frank and I to leave a legacy for the future Robertson generations.
9.  To make time for myself to make sure that i am not lost in the journey of parenthood.  To make sure that I am the wife that I know Frank needs me to be and the wife that the Lord is calling me to be.  And to make sure that my jeans fit.

I think that is all for now.  I'm sure that there will be more in the years to come or changed as the times change as I get older and add we add more babes to the Team Robertson.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

So apparently I have readers... and have been accused of being a slogger... I'm sorry!  So buckle up and here we go!!

Frank and I have decided that we are moving to Charlotte.  I said it, Charlotte!  We are so excited but sad to close this chapter in our lives.  We met here, dated here, got married and will have our first child here and the list goes on.  Frank went ahead of me and started work last week and is looking for a place for us as we speak.  He is rockin' it out there and I'm so proud of him!!  Dallas and I were uber bored without him. Last week I was here alone (which I'm not going to lie, I loved it!) and I made this:
My hooter hider!

Bored Dallas!

I wanted a hooter hider and did not get it at my shower... so I looked online and found a pattern, begged Mel to borrow her machine and made it!  I'm pretty pleased with the way that it turned out and am making one for a friend (she asked me!!).

Here is week 37:

My dad came to stay with me this week...
We all need a break from working so hard nesting, right?
WHAT A BLESSING!!  Let me say that again, what a blessing he has been!  He started doing a load of laundry and didn't stop.  There is not a dirty sock left in my house.  I can not believe it... THANK YOU DAD!  I needed to pick up some last minute things at target the other night- I had some awesome diaper coupons that were going to expire- yeah he bought all that too.  I hid my tears from him... I'm so thankful for his generosity.  Last night I made him some guacamole, if you have never had some Robertson guacamole, call me, I'll tell you what to get and come over immediately... IT"S SO YUMMY!!!

Today as I'm sitting here, I'm 38 weeks and 5 days preggers... what does that mean? I'm the most fun and loving person ever a ticking time bomb!  Last night I woke up to use the potty and was having contractions hard core and couldn't go back to a good sleep.  I finally gave up at 6:30 and got up.  My back was killing me... long story short, we went to the Dr. and she said "nope, no labor yet!!"  And yes, my dad waited in the waiting room.  Last week my Dr. set up an induce date, the 15th, and today she said that I would not make it that far... which is good news.  I'm so ready to get this kid out!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

May I have your attention please?!?

*warning this blog is a little cynical, please know that we are very excited about Annabelle getting here, but boy has it been a journey!

Sunday marked 33 weeks of "Operation, get Annabelle out!"  Needless to say, I feel huge.  I have never weighed this much (save the comments, I know that I'm preggers.  It's just hard to see that number on the scale at the Dr. office each time).  Anyways, I wanted to let you laugh/ be horrified with me of the comments that I have received over the last few weeks (some of these are comments that friends have gotten as well).

Things you should not say to a pregnant women:
  1. You are huge!
  2. Your feet are so big (thank you, I know they look liked baked potatoes)
  3. You look tired (I know, I got up to pee like 13 times last night and my hips hurt, thanks!)
  4. Are you expecting, or is that residual left overs?
  5. Are you excited?  (seriously??  Part of me wants to answer this, heck no, that little monster is going to ruin my somewhat cute figure that I had, date nights are now going to be that much more difficult AND have you heard about potty training, don't even get me started on that!!)
  6. Your face has really changed.  (thanks, I know, I look like a cow and gained too much weight, your don't need to tell me now that I look like a freak.  I'm already rolling my eyes now when my hubby tells me I'm beautiful)
  7. Are you ready?  (insert sarcasm tone: Seriously, I just wanted to have  good bottle of wine and look where this lead.  No I'm not ready for parenthood nor am I ready to share my house with another chick let alone my house is turning more pink by the day!!)
  8. Boy, you've got the waddle walk down.
And lastly, for the love... if I have not told you that "i love you" we are not close enough for you to touch my belly.  If for whatever freak reason that I am in the mood to get my belly rubbed like I'm buddha, I will tell you it's okay.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

oh mom...

This has been a long time coming... I have been thinking about this blog post for awhile and have finally muster up the courage to write it.  So go grab a tissue and some coffee.

Mom, I think about you all the time.  There is so much that you have missed... I can't even begin to tell you, but can I?

Dad got married today, it was so weird, I thought that it would be the four of us forever.  Don't worry, she loves us so much and wants us to remember you always, asking us how you do things and what our family did for fun.

I got my braces off today, my teeth look as perfect as your do!

I went to prom, my dress was so pretty and my date was a gentleman.  He got us a huge limo, you would have loved it!

I graduated today mom, it was so weird to look us  and not see you there.  I miss you so much that I
cried on the floor of the coliseum.

I moved to Va to live with Linda and Charlie.  I got to be the "big kid that lived in the basement and drank out of the bottle in the fridge".  We talk about you all the time.  You are right mom, Linda is the best sister anyone could ask for!  I am so thankful that you taught Emily and I to love eachother like you guys did!

I moved to Charleston mom, it's so pretty here. I met a boy and he asked me to move here for him... he broke my heart.  Don't worry, dad came for a few days and made sure that I was okay.  It hurt real bad and I wanted nothing more than to sit on your lap and for you to tell me that it is going to be okay!

Mom, I went on my first date with Frank today, he is different mom!  He is so fun, we had wine on the beach and he loves his family like you told me to look for.  He loves his mom so much and respects her to much, I listened mom, I really did.  He talked me into jumping off a bridge and I did it.  I knew you were right, if you can't laugh with them then they are not worth the time.

Frank asked me to marry him today mom, everyone was there except you and I missed you.  I wish that you were there.  We are getting married at the end of the summer, the best time of year!

We did mom, we got married.  We burned a candle for you.  I can't believe you missed it, it was beautiful.  When we were waiting to talk down the isle, dad told me how proud you would be of me, is true mom?  Are you?

Mom, I'm pregnant, I can't believe it!  A little girl, she will be here in September.  Her name is Annabelle Hart.  Ann- for you mom.  I can't wait to tell her about you and your laugh and your smile and how you were the best mom ever.

I want to be a good mom like you, I wish you were here to tell me all the secrets of making a childhood so magical.

So mom, when I get to heaven, are we still meeting at Jesus feet?

I love you mom and I can't wait to see you!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A few weeks ago, Courtney and I went to the "Extreme Couponing" class with hosted by Jenni from Southern Savers.  We learned so much and I have been trying to save more each week.  I finally feel as though I have enough coupons saved up to get some really good deals.  Harris Teeter at Rivertowne opened last week, so Frank wanted to check out the how the $10 I spend for the class was paying off for the Robertson Family.
Let me back up and tell you we went to target last week and saved over 50% for some beauty products that we really need... why does everything run out at the same time?  Since I got us a $5 gift card for target I got a bra for just $4.99!!!
Fast forward to today and this is what I scored!

We got $131.95 worth of groceries for $52.58... an approximate  60% savings!!  Frank was so excited (and of course I was too).  Thanks Harris Teeter for the super double coupons!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~Mac's and babies~

For months now, Franks dad has been telling us he would get us a mac.  We were excited, but were trying to not get our hopes up because we didn't want to be uber disappointed.  But 2 weeks ago, George came through and the check was in the mail!  We were going to Charlotte that weekend so we got our mac at the Southpark Mall apple store.  We were stoked!  Plus, it came with an itouch, that frank let me keep!!  I'm so excited, I've never had something so cool, let alone 2 cool pieces of technology at the same time... needless to say, I'm hooked.  
Frank loves this thing, he has started a blog and the day came that I thought would never happened... I came home to find him on facebook!  We have also started watching Lost on hulu... hello world, we have missed you!!
We have also enjoyed photobooth, here are some of the Robertson's best:

And lastly, posted for all you family and friends that keep asking... here we are... Frank's girls at our finest!

*please excuse my super messy living room... we are super busy doing life and enjoying our last few months of coming and going as we please and don't have time to clean :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

10 little things

 Here are 10 little things in my life that I would like to share with you:
1.  My love for coffee is back!  I can not get enough.  It is mostly decaf, but with the clearance from my Dr. on Wednesday, I've been savoring every sip of that precious caffeine!
2.  Dallas, our sweet pup, he has really won us over the last few months.  His latest new game, he LOVES to play hide and seek!  We started with the frisbee and he's so proud of himself when he finds it.
3.  Annabelle.  Need I say more?  I just love feeling her inside of me kicking and caring on.  It's so neat to know that she started as nothing and is growing into a person.  I'm more than humbled.
4.  Couponing.  I went to southern savers workshop last night and I'm really looking forward to saving some major cash in the budget!
5.  TBA.  There is some really uber exciting news on the brink that i have been sworn to secrecy about.  And I can not wait to share... all in good time!
6.  cooking.  I'm really enjoying being on the other side on the bar, cooking, baking and all sorts of fun stuff.  What was really encouraging, I made Mediterranean pitas the other night and thought that we should add some Greek yogurt to it, the recipe didn't call for it, but I did it any ways.  The look on Frank's face when I told him, was awesome!
7.  My Vera Bradley calender
8.  Summer dresses... makes those hot flashes bearable!
9.  Date night.
10.  Baby wise.. I hear it is the only way to survive babies and parenthood.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventrues of Abbey in the kitchen.

I have a fear of being a bad mom.  I do.  There are silly things that I have in my mind that will classify me as a bad mom:
1.  Not being fun enough for my kids.  Not creating enough good memories for them to remember me by.  My mom created so many good memories with us, I want to be like that!
2.  Not being affectionate enough.  To them and their sweet daddy.
3.  Not playing enough.  What if Frank is the fun parent but they are stuck with me all day... that would not be okay with me.
4.  Being a bad cook, and when I say that, I really mean the lack of cooking/ baking.

So to compensate for the things that I can work on now, I have started with #4.  The other night I made muffins for frank and I to have all week for breakfast.  They were good and did what they were intended to do.  However there were a few problems.
1.  I used every measuring cup (it was premixed, just add eggs, oil and milk!)
2.  I made the biggest mess ever, frank sat on the other side of the bar and silently laughed at me the whole time.
3.  They were fiber muffins... Lord knows frank does not need any fiber and well, I'm preggers... enough said!

The next night I made peanut butter cookies and it was a disaster.  All the dishes that I cleaned from the previous said story were made dirty again.  I did not grease the pan, so the cookies were burnt on the bottom and they were not done enough.  DANG IT!  I'm failing... sorry Annabelle and future baby Robertson's!!

Night before last I made this:

It is so easy and it was good!  Easy left overs for work and the hubby LOVED it! 
Improvements to make:
1.  Defrost chicken before hand.
2.  Serve with white wine!!  (well, after September!)

Last night was a crazy night.  I didn't get home till late and frank had to work late.  I decided to try this:

This is really easy, if you have a large food processor.  We do not, so it took a little more than 5 minutes.
1.  Remember to add olive oil to the top when ready to serve.
2.  Serve with white wine!!

So that is what I have so far.  I will continue to post my recipes as I try them. Frank has really been impressed with my culinary adventures, he has even told people about it.  He says it's weird to have a wife that cooks.  I like it... but I do like sitting on the counter and helping better :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh the weekend!

This weekend was so amazing, I can help but to share!  It started Friday night with the Russo's to celebrate Chris finishing his masters degree!  We went to sesame in park circle.  If you have not been there, stop reading and go get a burger there... amazing!  My life was changed. (plus I got to hold Isaac while Abbi ate!!).
When my alarm went off at 6am, I threw on some clothes and met up with Bonnie and Courtney for the mom to mom sale.  I didn't take a picture of what I got, but here is something close!

I scored this gap dress and a white old navy dress for $8 total!
I found this sling that I have had my eyes on way before Annabelle was a twinkle in our eyes.  It goes
between $85 and $125 and I grabbed it for just $20!

I got this buggy/ high chair cover for next to nothing and I'm ubber excited about it!  I also grabbed a johnnie jumper and the baby wise book that we will be using for our parenting class starting in July!

If you don't go to the consignment sales, you need to!  My preggo girlfriend Hilary, got a pottery barn high chair for $10!  Lucky find for her!

Later that day, Frank and I went downtown and walked around... we took Dallas.  He did so good and we were so proud of him.  I now know why single guys get dogs... they are girl magnets!!  The italian ice girl gave dallas some samples, boy did he love it.  The lacoste manager let dallas drink all the water in the bowl and then invited him in for some treats!  Dallas also got 3 treats at the alpha dog, omega cat store because he was so good... WAY TO GO BUD!

That night, Frank and I just hung out, cleaned up our apartment some and just relaxed.  Sunday was church and found myself at the pool all afternoon patiently waiting for frank to get home.  I made some cookies and we called it a night. 

Isn't it funny how your idea's of fun change over the years?  I would have never though of staying at home on a Saturday night to be fun... but it is.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Annabelle

Oh sweet baby, we named you!  We named you the other week, I've just been so busy that I finally sat down to tell you about your name.  Please love it!  We have thought long and hard and pray so hard about it!

Annabelle Hart Robertson

Sweet girl, now let me tell you where it all started.  On a road trip YEARS ago, your sweet daddy and I made a list of all the names that we liked.  Family names.  A girls list and a boys list.  We then went back and crossed out the names that we did not like.  We then started putting names together, you were Kathryn Annabelle for a while if you were a girl.  George Franklin V if you were a boy.  After we found out that you were a girl, I got cold feet about Kathryn.  We went back to the list and started over.  When daddy said "what about Annabelle Hart", I cried.  That was it.  He said let me take a shower and pray about it (you will soon learn that all major decisions are made after a good shower in our home). 

So sweet baby, your "Ann" comes from my momma, it was her middle name.
"Bell" comes from daddy's great grandma, momma Belle.
"Hart" is after my former middle name and your great grandma's maiden name.

So sweet Annabelle, that is where your name comes from.  I pray that you will love it and take pride in your family's names!  We love you baby and can't wait to hold you in September!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Baby Girl...

Baby Girl,
We finally met you today!  I mean, we've seen you before, but today we found out that you are a little girl!  I can not believe it.  Honestly, I thought you were going to be a boy, but I am beside myself!  I can not wait to hold you and to rock you, to laugh with you and teach you things.  Can I please tell you that Aunt Manny screamed on the phone when I told her about you?  You will love her, she is so girlie and will spoil you rotten.  In true fashion, I called Aunt Emily right away (in front of the sign that said no cell phones while in the office) to tell her that I couldn't talk but that you were a little girl.  She cried.  Granddaddy is beside himself... he loves girls, maybe that is why he got 4!  Grandmommy was sounds asleep but was so excited.  Nanna was working but is so excited too!  You will love those two ladies... they are so fun and will take you all sorts of cool places!

As we have pondered the last 4 1/2 months what you were going to be like, you did this to us today:

*I am praying that this is not the attitude that is coming my way in the years to come!

Oh baby girl, this is my prayer for you:
I pray that you will love your maker so much!  That you will be strong and courageous.  That others will love you and you will lead them.  I pray for your future husband, that he will just adore you and treat you the way that your daddy will teach you to be treated. 
Can we please talk about your daddy real quick?  He loves you more than anything already.  If fact, when we were leaving, he was telling me that he needs to go home and clean his shot gun.  When we were looking at your healthy heart, he said, "oh that heart is going to break mine one day"... please don't do that sweet baby.  He loves you so much.  As much as he might seem like a tough guy, he is so fragile.  Don't tell him I told you about this, but on our first date, we talked about babies and both of us wanting them so bad one day, I can't believe it's here.  But he told me that he can not wait to have a daddy's little girl!  Please be that for him.  He desires your love at attention so much.
Baby, I pray that you will follow your dreams.  Go to the ends of the world if you have to.  Your daddy and I will come and visit.  I pray that you will be so smart.  Book smart, street start but mostly I pray that you will be people smart.  To be able to relate to people, to lead them, to listen to them.  To teach them about the creator that we will teach you about.  Can you do that for me?

I pray that you pick your friends wisely.  Please do not waste your time of fleeting friends, they will only cause you heart ache.  Please pick friends that will love you and encourage you to become the woman that you want to become.  And oh those boyfriends... I hate them already!  I am not looking forward to lying in your bed as you cry yourself to sleep, hoping they don't show up because I know that daddy will shoot them if they come in the yard.  Please be like your Aunt Emily and not give them the time of day after one or two dates... I would love that.  Don't be like your momma or Aunt Amanda that use to missionary date.  They won't change.
Please be a great big sister.  As daddy and I have more babes, please be good to them.  Love them, lead them, teach them to be nice to mommy and daddy as we will teach you.  Oh that note, please be nice to Dallas, he is such a good pup and momma and daddy love him so much.  We are already teaching him to be nice to you.  He just wants to play, can you do that?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The simple things

So here are 10 things that bring happiness to my life right now:

1.  A sip of coke, oh that covited caffiene tastes so good.

2.  Baked Potatoes.  I can not get enough and they taste soooo good!

3.  Sleeping.  A lot.

4.  Frank taking Dallas out, I really enjoy the 10 minutes of quiet in our little home.

5.  Hot pink nail polish.

6.  Decaf hazelnut coffee in the morning.

7.  My new home.  It is on it's way of being beautiful.  It is ours and it feels so good.

8.  Warm weather.  Need I say more?

9.  My comfy rainbows that are waiting for me at the end of the day to wear... they are my favorites!

10.  My "tuck tucks" in the morning that my sweet hubby gives me.  He tucks me back into the sheets and kisses my face and tells me to have a good day and then leaves for work.  LOVE IT!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthday Holden Pate!
After some long hours of labor and several anxious family member you got here at 1:30 in the morning! Your momma and daddy were so proud. I've never seen your momma so happy before, she was made to be your momma... Don't forget that! Your buddies will be arriving soon. Isaac is about a week away, Wyatt a few weeks away and Baby Robertson will be here after the summer! I hope you guys will be big budy for a long time!

Happy Birthday Isaac Russo!
After a short surgery, you came! Your adorable and a BIG boy! I can't not wait to hold you more and love on you. You are so blessed to have such great parents that love you more than anything. I can't wait to see you grow up to the man that your creator wants you to be! You are beautiful and I love you already! Baby Robertson can't wait to meet you also!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh Baby Baby

On Monday I went to visit the Dr. for a check up. It is always so excited to hear the babes heart beat. This visit it was at 145 BPM. The first was around 160, the second visit was in the 150's. I think that we are having a boy. We will find out in just 3 short weeks, can it come any quicker? Anyways, here is a picture from 12 weeks.
If you look closely, you can see Baby Robertson waiving at us! Seriously, that sweet heart beat and those hands will make a momma and a daddy cry! Frank and I were talking and laughing on the way home as we talked about every detail (as though one wasn't there). As soon as the put that wand thing on me, it was as if the babe woke up and starting moving around for us. Baby Robertson was stretching, waiving and caring on for us... maybe we have a star on our hands...

Moving with a side of drama

We moved... again. I have to write this down because one day I know, I have to, will laugh at the saga that unfolded before my eyes.

Three weeks ago this guy called Belle Hall advertising his moving company. I told him that Frank and I were moving. He jumped on the opportunity to help us out, tons of referrals, right? So he offered me a steal of a deal... we accepted. He called me back and said, you know what, we'll do it for free if you tell everyone. My response, you better believe it!

We got our move in date settled (Wednesday night) and they were to show up at our old place at 6:30pm. Well, I get home and 6:45 at to my shock, they were not there. Whatever, so started loading and working real hard. 7pm then 7:30pm I call them, no answer. I then send a text, no return! THEY DIDN"T SHOW UP! We moved until 1am. But that wasn't enough. We moved for the next two nights. Finally, Friday night at 11:30pm we were in our new place (that looked more like a storage room than home) and in bed.

When I came to work each moring, my poor co-workers were so worried about me. When they said "you look tired", I knew it was bad... that is always code for "you look terrible". Whatever.

I'm okay with the fact that I wore the same clothes for 2 days straight.

I will say that in the last year and a 1/2 of marriage, this is the 6th place that Frank and I have lived. We will be here for awhile. We are protesting our nomadic ways and signed a 13 month lease! Once we are looking like home, I will post some pictures.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Some Jesus humor!

I'll set the scene for you:

Hot hot hot day in Villa El Carmen Nicaragua. There are about 5 million kids in this church and the church yard, it's hotter in the church than outside. Emily's little friend wants a picture of her and Emily. Well, things get a little out of hand and then this happens:

Can we all take a moment and laugh at the following set of pictures:

It started out sweet and innocent...

Then these girls wanted their pictures taken....

Then my sweet sister gets mobbed out of nowhere... these kids all ran up. I started laughing as I saw my sister get drowned in these kids...

To my shock, it got worst! Please note Bergen's face!

Instead of rescuing Emily, Bergen and Connor join in the chaos... you can still see Emily's face! I couldn't help but to keep taking photo's...
These sweet girls (Emily's host sister and her best friend) wanted a "solo" picture... it didn't turn out that well...
And she didn't let me forget!
*Enjoy these! And to those who helped us go... THANK YOU!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

my soul

Since no one reads this except my sister and Tiffany, I will go ahead and bear my soul a little:

There has been this surge of emotion in me lately, I know that I'm pregnant and that has something to do with it, but there is something more that has been causing me to well up with tears at the most random times. I do not like and try to avoid at all cost crying in public, I get embarrassed and if you will, I ugly cry... I turn red and blotchy and it's embarrassing.

Last night at church, Chris Russo got on stage and told the story behind "it is well". It was moving, I teared up the privacy of my chair. When we started singing it, I realized, that it is not okay with my soul. I'm not okay with my mom not being here when I give birth to this babe! Everyone needs their mom when they have a baby. Don't get me wrong, Cynthia, my step-mom is more than I could have ever prayed for. She claims Emily and I as her own. My mother in love, is more that I could have prayed for also, she is incredible... but they are not my mom.

When I got braces, went to prom, graduated from HS, moved to another state, moved a different state again and survived horrible broken hearts, I was strong... When I met the man of my dreams, I was so disappointed that I couldn't take him to meet her... then he asked me to marry him... she wasn't there- and it hurt. I put on my big girl panties and bucked up when I got married and was strong. But this, having babies with out her, this just seems like a really mean punk!

Why Lord?

This is not okay with my soul. Why did you take her when I was so young? Why do I still cry myself to sleep 12 years later? Why can I still smell her when I miss her so much? When is going to stop hurting like a really bad scar that should have received stitches??

Please Lord, make it well with my soul! I NEED it to be okay with my soul!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is to you kid!

World, meet baby Robertson.

I met this little mess day before yesterday, I've never known love at first sight until then. As I sat there, with all that goop all over my tummy, I cried. Yes, I cried in public, in front of a stranger. They were tears of happiness, worry (well terrified) and of love. I have never loved something some much so fast! I'm still sometimes unsure of Dallas and he's been around since this summer.

So Baby Robertson, this is for you:

I can not wait to see your sweet face and to know you. To know your soul and to know if you will love your maker like your daddy and I do. Will you love us as much as we love you already? You are the size of a grape and don't do anything except make my puke (literally) and we can't stop talking about you! We can not wait to see your little sense humor that you will have to have to survive this family. I can't wait to see if you are going to be like your mamma and love the beach or like your daddy and just want to hunt and fish and smoke cigars. I can't wait to know if you are going to be a city kid like your momma or want to be on the farm like your daddy. Cowboy boots or flipflops? Who are you going to look like? Are you going to shock us and look like my momma?

They say that you are measuring 9 weeks... no way! Not possible. Are you going to be tall? You have too, have you seen your mamma's cousins?

You are already so loved! You will have more aunts than most of your friends... 6 to be exact. I pray that you are not a little boy, I'm so scared that they will turn you into a drag queen before you can even sit up! I do want you to be a little boy for your granddaddy's and poppa's sake, they need more boys around here.

Issaac, Holden and Wyatt are going to be here in the next month or two and we are already so excited about you guys being friends!

I love you baby and will see you in September!

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