Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Annabelle

Oh sweet baby, we named you!  We named you the other week, I've just been so busy that I finally sat down to tell you about your name.  Please love it!  We have thought long and hard and pray so hard about it!

Annabelle Hart Robertson

Sweet girl, now let me tell you where it all started.  On a road trip YEARS ago, your sweet daddy and I made a list of all the names that we liked.  Family names.  A girls list and a boys list.  We then went back and crossed out the names that we did not like.  We then started putting names together, you were Kathryn Annabelle for a while if you were a girl.  George Franklin V if you were a boy.  After we found out that you were a girl, I got cold feet about Kathryn.  We went back to the list and started over.  When daddy said "what about Annabelle Hart", I cried.  That was it.  He said let me take a shower and pray about it (you will soon learn that all major decisions are made after a good shower in our home). 

So sweet baby, your "Ann" comes from my momma, it was her middle name.
"Bell" comes from daddy's great grandma, momma Belle.
"Hart" is after my former middle name and your great grandma's maiden name.

So sweet Annabelle, that is where your name comes from.  I pray that you will love it and take pride in your family's names!  We love you baby and can't wait to hold you in September!



Tiffany said...

I thought I was in love with her name, now I know I love it even more that I know all the parts of it! I can't wait for her to get here!

GwendyMae said...

I have to say this made me cry, right after I read where Belle came from I was crying like a baby. My middle name is Mae from Granny(mom's mother) and Granny's mom is Momma Belle... Who now, Annebelle is named after. I hope this doesn't sound stupid but I felt this instant connection. I love the name so much and can't wait to hold her! Love Aunt Gwen<3

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