Saturday, February 28, 2009

The slums

Last night we went to see Slumdog millionaire. It was one of the most intense movies that I have seen. It was not a "bang bang, shoot'em up" intensity, but rather a gut wrenching movie. The movie was about this guy, Jamal and his brother Salim. Jamal randomly won a chance to be on "who wants to be a millionaire". The show and authorities thinks that he's cheating and he tells his story which has given him all the answers to the show.

The film was shot in India with Indian characters, the kid actors really are from the slums. After the movie, we were talking about it on the way home and one of the responses was, "it was disgusting how they lived!". At first I was annoyed by that remark and how naive it seemed. How could they say that, that is really how the other half live! After thinking about it for over 18 hours now, I have realized it is disgusting and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that for the first time, there was not "Hollywood" put in a movie, that it filmed reality and the world is seeing it maybe for the first time! It made me sad that I was offended by that comment for it sounding so stuck up and unemotional. Maybe I do need to be disgusted by it so that it was break my heart, that there needs to be light there. Orphans there are the dogs, they are unwanted and in the way. The beg and are dirty. They are mistreated, there is no one there to stick up for them to make sure that what goes on behind doors is ethical and humane.
There are the cuties from the movie:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Light

I have been confused for way too long! Sunday's... before today... have been full. Filled with Church then rush home and cram as much errands/ house chores into one afternoon as possible and still claiming it as a relaxing day. The house chores are usually the guild of wanting clean clothes for the week to come. I hardly ever do laundry during the week, there is so much going on.

Today I was in such a funk. Our dear friends dryer broke and has had their laundry at our house. I folded some and did a load of ours. I said "not today!". I cashed in the laundry card, grabbed my new real simple magazine and headed outside. My husband soon followed and we enjoyed some time outside reading and drinking!! The Pate's came over to do some laundry and cook for the super bowl party... our American Patriotic duty! Tonight will be fun, tomorrow night I will resume the chores!!

On a side note, I wanted to share this with my oh so loyal readers. As some of you may know, being married has been a journey. It has been a huge change of pace, such as merging of the things, new money habits and so forth. Well, this has topped it all!
I came home the other day after a long day of work and just wanted to veg out and have a glass of wine. I walked into our house to Michael Buble blaring from the bathroom. I walked to the bathroom and this is what I found:
I opened the door and didn't say anything, I was so shocked! He said "hi" that was all. No, "hey, jump in and join me", nothing! I just shut the door and went to get some wine.
(P.S. you can't see all the candles lit around the bathroom, but I assure you that they were there!)

Now, while I would love to take credit for my husband's feminine side, I must give it to whom it belongs... his mother. She is awesome! She taught him how to dye hair, apply make up, cook, take bubble baths, and my all time favorite... paint nails! THANK YOU MOM!!!
Does anyone else's husbands do "off gender" things like this? Please do share! I would love a good laugh.
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