Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cleaning up and out!

ahh, now that is much better.... I have come to realized that I get so much junk email. It's not the spam email of "send this to 2 million people and your crush will call you in 5 minutes." But rather, "shop this date to this date and get 20% off. Now, don't get me wrong, I love some coupns, but how much do I really shop at BR, gap, victoria secret, pottery barn, west elm... and the list goes on.
I was reading this blog that the was really encouraging to clean that inbox out! So I have done just that... I have unsubscribed to all of it! It was so nice to check my mail with my piping hot cup of joe to find just 3 emails this morning!
Go on, do the same... it feels so good!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dreaming of the furture

This morning as I sit here typing on my little computer at work, working on aged deliquencies, property status reports and marketing plans, I feel that there is something missing. I feel as though I should be planning play dates, making a grocery list during naptime, wishing a lunch date with my sweet hubby.
I feel like I am living a life that is not my own. School, work, hectic schedules. I feel as though each week plows by and little was accomplished. While, I leased several apartments, made an "A" on the paper that I did last week and have completed that math test 3 days before it was due, I feel like I haven't accomplished what I want to have done. That heaping load of laundry... that disorganized closet that haunts me at night time and laughs at me, those empty picture frames that have been leaning on the wall next to the kitchen table since may, that coat closet, ugg- all nightmares!
I AM very thankful for the things that I do have, don't get me wrong. We have two cars, that qualifies us in the top 5% of world population. We have a fantastic apartment that we would not be able to afford if it weren't for my job. Oh that's another thing, my job, that 9 to 6er that pays me well and has rockin' benefits. The other things, we can WALK TO CHURCH! How cool is that, and we are thankful. We have a cute puppy that is getting out of damage mode, and we love him even more now!
Maybe it's holy discomfort, may it was bad burrito's... I don't know.
I was talking to Frank about it last night and he was saying he felt the the same way. He doesn't know what he wants to do, well he KNOWS, but it's not going to happen right now. So in the mean time, he is having a little personal identity crisis... I started freaking out because this man who is suppose to have it all together and is leading me is having questions popping up all over the place about his means of providing... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Until the Lord moves in us, we shall be on our knees and stay where we are, working hard... lovin' eachother and that sweet pup of ours!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7 things that can ruin my day

One of my favorite bloggers wrote about the seven things that can ruin your day... Here is mine:

1. No coffee! I can skip the meal, but never that yummt hot cup of joe in the morning.

2. No exercise. This has been my new found survival tool. I get alone time to clear my head for the day, talk to my creator and enjoy some puppy time with sweet dallas. THE BEACH IS THE BEST WAY TO EXECUTE THIS!

3. Grouchy co-workers. It's usually just Rob and I in the office, so when his sweet babe keeps him up all right night or there was bad traffic, his foul mood rups off on me.

4. No tuck tuck from my sweet hubby. He gets up when most of us still call it night time to go to work. After he sneaks out of bed, gets ready and makes himself a cup of Via, he tip toes in and kisses me and tucks me back into the sheets.

5. Missing earrings. I don't know why, but somehow, those fab earrings that will just make my outfit go missing. I usually will find them the next day or during lunch!

6. Pants that are too short or ride up. Need I say more? Thank goodness Banana Republic and Gap are FINALLY catching on that we are not all 5"5 and need longer than 32" inseam!

7. Uncomfortable underwear. And by that I mean, it doesn't stay where it needs too, is too tight or blah! It's got to go!

What are yours?


Bebo Norman sings:

"I will lift my eyes to maker of the Mountains I can climb,

I will lift my eyes to healer of the hurt I hold inside,

I will lift my eyes to the raging ocean tide."

My small group is starting a book about cleaning out "emotional closet". It's going to be a hard next few weeks as I cling to the truth, the Truth that is promised to set us free. I pray that I will look to my Maker, that I will see myself as he created me. I have too. It is time to let go of the lies, the poison that I have listened to- from myself and others!

I pray that I will have the faith like David did. All I have is a little sling shot and I'm up against warriors. Those warriors are giants. They are the giants of lies, doubt, anxiety, selfworth or worry. But with the TRUTH OF MY MAKER, I will suceed.

I pray that I will have the courage like Peter did to step out of the boat to meet Jesus. That is He will give me the courage to love Him dangerously. That I will be a woman after the Lord's heart. That I will seek the Lord with ALL my heart, not just a part.

I pray that I will have the strength like Mary. To withstand hardship and still find myself on my knees praying and praising my savior.

And lastly, that I would make each day a little easier on my husband. That keeping his vows would be easier than I'm sure I make it. That I will make it easier for him to lead me, to teach me and love me. That I would be a better roommate to him (sorry for the dirty clothes that are always on the bathroom floor!).
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