Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7 things that can ruin my day

One of my favorite bloggers wrote about the seven things that can ruin your day... Here is mine:

1. No coffee! I can skip the meal, but never that yummt hot cup of joe in the morning.

2. No exercise. This has been my new found survival tool. I get alone time to clear my head for the day, talk to my creator and enjoy some puppy time with sweet dallas. THE BEACH IS THE BEST WAY TO EXECUTE THIS!

3. Grouchy co-workers. It's usually just Rob and I in the office, so when his sweet babe keeps him up all right night or there was bad traffic, his foul mood rups off on me.

4. No tuck tuck from my sweet hubby. He gets up when most of us still call it night time to go to work. After he sneaks out of bed, gets ready and makes himself a cup of Via, he tip toes in and kisses me and tucks me back into the sheets.

5. Missing earrings. I don't know why, but somehow, those fab earrings that will just make my outfit go missing. I usually will find them the next day or during lunch!

6. Pants that are too short or ride up. Need I say more? Thank goodness Banana Republic and Gap are FINALLY catching on that we are not all 5"5 and need longer than 32" inseam!

7. Uncomfortable underwear. And by that I mean, it doesn't stay where it needs too, is too tight or blah! It's got to go!

What are yours?

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