Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ready... never. Just maybe more prepared.

Today my friend was having a neighborhood wide garage sale.  Another friend went in search of some, oh so needed, boy clothes.  She called me and told me I needed to get over there ASAP.  We had pack and play drama earlier this week and we needed a new one.

Here's the loot that I scored:

This AMAZING zooper stroller for just $100!  It's normally $500!!!!!!

I also got this graco swing n bounce for just $12... after some looking around, it looks like it is about $135.

I also got a grace pack and play that is hideously ugly, but it was $10 and will work as a play pen for when Emma gets here.

And lastly this bassinet for just $13... after some looking around, it looks like it retails between $75 and $100.

I just can't believe that I found these amazing deals!!  Seriously now the only things that we need for Emma... I crib, a mattress some bedding and diapers.

Dallas and Annabelle waited sorta patiently in the car... so excited and can't wait for Frank to get home so he can see these awesome deals!

Friday, April 29, 2011

We will call her....

Emma Kathryn
Sweet Emma,
Let me tell you about your name... Please love it!  We do!  

You are technically named after your great grandmother on my dad's side.  Her name was Emily but everyone called her Emma.  As you can see, that is who your aunt Emily is named after.  I like to think that you are named after aunt Emily.  I love her and as you will learn, am just crazy about her.  I hope that you love life and take chances like she does... she's so brave!
Kathryn is after your sweet Nana.  She is an incredible woman of God and loves Him more than anything! I pray that you will be a pray warrior like she is and love recklessly!  She is in an incredible leader not only in her family, but in life also.  Will you grow up to have a kind heart like her??  

I have started to feel you move inside of me over the last few days... it's beautiful and like a wrote when I was preggo with Annabelle, it's incredible to know that our Maker has allowed me to carry you, birth you and raise you.  I am so humbled by this.  I pray each day that you will come to know your Maker at an early age.  That He will give you a new heart and you will love him unconditionally.

I can not wait for you to get here... but can you not come on the 16th??  I really want you and Annabelle to have your own special day!  I can not wait to hold you and for you to play with AB, Dallas and I on the blanket in the mornings and in the afternoon.  We have so much fun!  We will go for walks so Dallas doesn't eat your diapers and all our shoes.  Can we talk about him for a minute??  AB is not gentle with him and he just takes it... will you please try to be gentle and not kick him in the face and pull his fur?  He's so gentle and it's just not fair!

I love you sweet baby and we will see you in September!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Robertson #2

Sweet baby #2,
We found out that you are today!  I am so excited for you.  Today made it feel more real.  Your spine, heart (and all it's chambers). body parts and organs look "just perfect".  Can I tell you that I cried out of relief when I heard that!  2 of my friends have had miscarriages in the last few weeks and I couldn't help but to worry about your little body and life that was growing in me. 
We are telling my side of the family tonight and I can not wait!  We have named you and I will tell you about that tomorrow! 


Monday, April 18, 2011

7 Months and counting...

Annabelle turned 7 months the other day... where has time gone??  So here is the latest on our sweet AB:

  • You are teething... eek!  You got your first bottom front tooth last week and are cutting the one next to it as we speak.  It was so sad, last night you were crying between bites you were hurting so bad!
  • You are so good at rolling over, front to back, back to front.  Some times you get frustrated and just cry and want us to roll you over to your back.
  • You have great tummy time form!  You are also tucking your knees up, but haven't figured out that you have to keep your arms locked yet... I"m okay with this :)
  • You love to eat!  
enjoying a mango smoothy!
  • You love puffs, and you are learning to feed yourself and it's so funny.  When you finally get one in there you are so proud of yourself!
  • You love Dallas but I think that he is a little scared of you.  You think it's really funny when he licks your feet sniffs your ear.  Sometimes I don't wipe your face good enough and if he gets enough courage to sniff your face, you open your mouth wide open... I did catch him licking in there one day.  Can you not do that anymore?
  • You kick your feet non-stop.  You also rub them together.

I love you sweet baby and can't believe how fast this is going, can we slow down??

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Windy Saturday

Today is what I love to call, relax.  AB slept for 13 hours last night {GRIN}.  Frank got up to go to work in the wee hours of the morning but us ladies slept in!  We just lounged and napped until dad got home so the fun could begin!

We went to REI to check out this book-bag kid carrier that Frank has wanted since before we had babes.  AB liked it and kept tickling Franks neck, it was cute!

Is it just my hubby, or do all men do this?  When Frank walks into a sporting store, he thinks that he wants to do every activity that there is... all the sudden he turns into a serious kayaker or a camper (okay he goes camping on a somewhat regular basis) or a swimmer (haha, he almost drowned in survival school!) or a cyclist.

Annabelle was not amused by our trip:

We started cloth diapers today and had a major leak.  We took her to the van did a costume change... 
please check out the drool on her chest :)
How could I possibly forget-  HAPPY 7 MONTH BIRTHDAY ANNABELLE!!  YOU ARE SO BIG!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've written about it before:  Grief.
Grief: keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss;sharp sorrow; painful regret.

I've lost before.  I've lost a lot.  If fact, Frank just said the other day, I've got to more funerals since I met you then I had been to my whole life.

Today is different.  My friend has had a loss that I do not understand.  She done this before, and she cried.  I cried, we all cried.  The Lord called her babe home before she got to meet it.  So tonight (and the weeks to come), can we think about them, pray for them, cry out to our Maker for their sweet little family?  

One week and counting...

We find out what we are having in one week from tomorrow!  I cannot wait.  Most of the family thinks that it will be a girl {grin}
*Secretly, I'm hoping it's a girl this time also*

We were going to try and keep it a secret until we get to Texas and announce to Frank's family what we are having... but I don't think that we will be able to keep that big of a secret for 3 more week.

On the funny side, Frank and I gave AB an avocado last night.  When I gave it to her, she looked at me like, "what is this?"
She started gagging.  I gave her another bite that sent her into a shiver.  I laughed, I really did.  I did my usual mom pep talk with her when she tries new stuff, you know, "mmmmm."
We added just a little bit of lime tad bit of salt, but no luck.  Long story short, she ended up throwing up in her high chair.  I ate the rest.

We then gave her some puffs to keep practicing her hand eye coordination. Dallas loves this as he gets to clean up after her.  If we give her 10 puffs, she manages to get about 2 or 3 in her mouth and the rest are in the chair.

Happy Wednesday... I have a hot date tonight and the babe is spending the night at the parentals :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend round up!

On Saturday morning we loaded our van up (yes I said van, yes we got one and yes, I LOVE IT!) and headed to Chuck Town!  We had some serious celebrating to do!
Isaac Russo turned one! 

The birthday boy and his sweet momma!
It was a great party!  They set up their backyard with a tent, large blankets for the babes to crawl around and plenty of seating.  We ate tons of food and had a great time.  The cupcakes were really good!
He was totally into watching Chris sing!

Yum, icing!

We staying at the Reynold's house.  If you know them, you know that they are not only generous to put us up for the night, but they are funny!  On Sunday Gentry (who is 2 days older than AB) and AB had a tea party.

A tea party for two.
Now, when I was pregnant with AB, there were three girls that I ran around with.  We would meet for lunch and called it our "preggo mamma" lunch.  It was awesome.  Whitney had Gemma first.  About a month later, Courtney had Gentry, two days later I had AB and about 2 or 3 weeks later Hilary had MC.  Since MC and Gemma were not there on our silly Sunday morning, we had fillers for them!

MC is on the left and Gemma on the right!

We headed home on Sunday afternoon.  It takes a good solid 3 hours to get home.  Not yesterday.  It took us just shy of 6 hours to get home with the traffic.  Thank you accidents, the bridge run, and all the other events that were in Charleston!  

Hope you have a happy Monday!

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