Friday, April 29, 2011

We will call her....

Emma Kathryn
Sweet Emma,
Let me tell you about your name... Please love it!  We do!  

You are technically named after your great grandmother on my dad's side.  Her name was Emily but everyone called her Emma.  As you can see, that is who your aunt Emily is named after.  I like to think that you are named after aunt Emily.  I love her and as you will learn, am just crazy about her.  I hope that you love life and take chances like she does... she's so brave!
Kathryn is after your sweet Nana.  She is an incredible woman of God and loves Him more than anything! I pray that you will be a pray warrior like she is and love recklessly!  She is in an incredible leader not only in her family, but in life also.  Will you grow up to have a kind heart like her??  

I have started to feel you move inside of me over the last few days... it's beautiful and like a wrote when I was preggo with Annabelle, it's incredible to know that our Maker has allowed me to carry you, birth you and raise you.  I am so humbled by this.  I pray each day that you will come to know your Maker at an early age.  That He will give you a new heart and you will love him unconditionally.

I can not wait for you to get here... but can you not come on the 16th??  I really want you and Annabelle to have your own special day!  I can not wait to hold you and for you to play with AB, Dallas and I on the blanket in the mornings and in the afternoon.  We have so much fun!  We will go for walks so Dallas doesn't eat your diapers and all our shoes.  Can we talk about him for a minute??  AB is not gentle with him and he just takes it... will you please try to be gentle and not kick him in the face and pull his fur?  He's so gentle and it's just not fair!

I love you sweet baby and we will see you in September!


Wanda Akers said...

Abbey, you have become such a special young woman. I am not surprised but I am thankful for the choices you have made. You and your sister are beautiful people. I wish we could still be part of each others lives as we were 15 years ago. lol

GwendyMae said...

Abbey, you are soo Amazing and Passionate and I wish we were closer. I would love to take care of Annabelle(and soon Emma)and see them grow up like I've been able to see Haidyn and Megan do. You and Frank mean so much to me I can't wait to see you! I love you <3

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