Thursday, August 27, 2009

This and That

I do not have anything profound to say, I have lots of thoughts. School started on Monday and like any nightmare freshman class of going to the wrong class, it happened. I went to the qrong class. I loved the teacher, but it is not perminent. The correct teacher that I have is like that nerd in Role Models, the one that has been at helping hands for way to long. If he was a woman and taught at Trident, it owuld be my teacher!

My English class is going to be awesome, the teacher, Mr. Hart, is an older guy that reminds me of my dad.

With all this school (4 nights a week and 40 hours of work), like is busy. I have guilt for Dallas being coupt up all day, so I usually get up early and head to the dog park and try to get some quiet time or other reading done. This semester is going to be a ride, so hold on Robertson's!

I got quite the treat last night. I walked home from work (before you feel sorry for me, our door is aobut 10 yards from my office) and walked in the house and dinner was ALREADY in the oven and about to come out in 10 minutes. What a treat to have a sit down dinner and relax before I had to leave for class!! THANKS FRANK!!!

Here are some pretty photos from Nicaragua that sound brighten your day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My to-do list; an update

Some fun on this boring Thursday!!
1. Run a marathon and not pass out
2. Donate my hair to locks of love.
September of '08
3. Hit my goal weight and look fabulous!
4. Throw an amazing party for a fabulous friend.
5. Get married without a hitch.
August 17, 2008

6. See clear ocean water.
7. Go to africa
8. Sit on a mountain top and let my feet hang over the edge... barefoot!
Honeymoon August '08

9. Buy a 4 door car.
October of '08
10. Make it through my first year of marriage with no babies, no killing eachother and minimal timeouts
Atlanta; August 14-18 2009

11. Go to an outdoor concert or huge festival.
12. Go back to school and finish this time.
Registered for classes this fall. School starts on Monday!
13. Start a company
14. Build a savings account.
15. Start a fruitful small group, pref. all women.
16. Be an amazing wife.
17. Read the entire bible, in order, at least once.
18. Become a regular tither.
19. Buy a house
20. Make the house livable.
21. Go to a winery.
Honeymoon; Biltmore winery!
22. Have a beath taking kiss.
23. Get scuba certified.
24. Go to a braves game to see what the fuss is about
Atlanta; August 16, 2009

25. Blog regularly.
26. Go the aquarium in Atlanta
August 17, 2009

27. Have a meaningful job.
Meaningful, maybe; but it's a full timer, full benefits and a amazing discount for our amazing cozy apartment!
28. Eat a 5 star resturant with fabulous company, fabulous shoes and fabulous conversation.
29. Give blood before going to Africa.
30. Buy new bedroom furniture.
31. Learn to fish.
Honeymoon; August '08
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