Thursday, August 20, 2009

My to-do list; an update

Some fun on this boring Thursday!!
1. Run a marathon and not pass out
2. Donate my hair to locks of love.
September of '08
3. Hit my goal weight and look fabulous!
4. Throw an amazing party for a fabulous friend.
5. Get married without a hitch.
August 17, 2008

6. See clear ocean water.
7. Go to africa
8. Sit on a mountain top and let my feet hang over the edge... barefoot!
Honeymoon August '08

9. Buy a 4 door car.
October of '08
10. Make it through my first year of marriage with no babies, no killing eachother and minimal timeouts
Atlanta; August 14-18 2009

11. Go to an outdoor concert or huge festival.
12. Go back to school and finish this time.
Registered for classes this fall. School starts on Monday!
13. Start a company
14. Build a savings account.
15. Start a fruitful small group, pref. all women.
16. Be an amazing wife.
17. Read the entire bible, in order, at least once.
18. Become a regular tither.
19. Buy a house
20. Make the house livable.
21. Go to a winery.
Honeymoon; Biltmore winery!
22. Have a beath taking kiss.
23. Get scuba certified.
24. Go to a braves game to see what the fuss is about
Atlanta; August 16, 2009

25. Blog regularly.
26. Go the aquarium in Atlanta
August 17, 2009

27. Have a meaningful job.
Meaningful, maybe; but it's a full timer, full benefits and a amazing discount for our amazing cozy apartment!
28. Eat a 5 star resturant with fabulous company, fabulous shoes and fabulous conversation.
29. Give blood before going to Africa.
30. Buy new bedroom furniture.
31. Learn to fish.
Honeymoon; August '08

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