Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's 2009

Tonight is new year's ever, and the topic of the day: "What are you doing tonight?"

Honestly, I want to cuddle up with some great wine and play games with my friends and have a small party.
Here's the confession:


I"m pretty sure that this has become more apparent to me over the last year or so. I know, I know, I married Mr. Social himself and I'm sure that if it weren't for him, I would be self employees, working from home and become a self confessed hermit!

However, some of our best friends are planning this thing at the community center across the street so we will do what we promised and have a good time, I hope!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009... and it was good!

Thinking back on this year, there have been a lot of fun memories to close 2009. Here is the year in pictorial review:
New Years at Daniel Island
Biltmore/ Ski Trip with The Well
Frank goes to Cigar fest with Connor

Hockey Game with Belle Hall
Holden Beach with Emily's friends... so fun!
The western Harbour Cruise with The Well... what lovely besties that I have!

Nicaragua... mi familia
Nashville with the Russo's... what a great trip!
Our first baby... with 4 legs... meet Dallas Robertson

Happy 1 year of marital bliss... may the next 50 years be as adventurous as the first!
While these are just the hot tickets that happened over the course of the year, there were plenty more, the amazing trip to Washington DC to have thanksgiving, Texas (all 2200 miles) for a fantastic Christmas and new years (tomorrow). While those are just the fun things that we have been blessed to get to do, there were many small things that happened this year. There is the marriage, that we plead with the Lord to knit us tight and stronger each day. That our communication would be clearer and better with each step we take. That we would be more patient with each other as we try to figure out our hopes and dreams, and making those things come alive. I do not want to look my future children in the eye and tell them to dream when I have done the same. I want to tell them that they can be who ever they want to be and do whatever it is that their heart tell them to be, but I have not done the same... pray for me to do that... pray hard!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cleaning up and out!

ahh, now that is much better.... I have come to realized that I get so much junk email. It's not the spam email of "send this to 2 million people and your crush will call you in 5 minutes." But rather, "shop this date to this date and get 20% off. Now, don't get me wrong, I love some coupns, but how much do I really shop at BR, gap, victoria secret, pottery barn, west elm... and the list goes on.
I was reading this blog that the was really encouraging to clean that inbox out! So I have done just that... I have unsubscribed to all of it! It was so nice to check my mail with my piping hot cup of joe to find just 3 emails this morning!
Go on, do the same... it feels so good!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dreaming of the furture

This morning as I sit here typing on my little computer at work, working on aged deliquencies, property status reports and marketing plans, I feel that there is something missing. I feel as though I should be planning play dates, making a grocery list during naptime, wishing a lunch date with my sweet hubby.
I feel like I am living a life that is not my own. School, work, hectic schedules. I feel as though each week plows by and little was accomplished. While, I leased several apartments, made an "A" on the paper that I did last week and have completed that math test 3 days before it was due, I feel like I haven't accomplished what I want to have done. That heaping load of laundry... that disorganized closet that haunts me at night time and laughs at me, those empty picture frames that have been leaning on the wall next to the kitchen table since may, that coat closet, ugg- all nightmares!
I AM very thankful for the things that I do have, don't get me wrong. We have two cars, that qualifies us in the top 5% of world population. We have a fantastic apartment that we would not be able to afford if it weren't for my job. Oh that's another thing, my job, that 9 to 6er that pays me well and has rockin' benefits. The other things, we can WALK TO CHURCH! How cool is that, and we are thankful. We have a cute puppy that is getting out of damage mode, and we love him even more now!
Maybe it's holy discomfort, may it was bad burrito's... I don't know.
I was talking to Frank about it last night and he was saying he felt the the same way. He doesn't know what he wants to do, well he KNOWS, but it's not going to happen right now. So in the mean time, he is having a little personal identity crisis... I started freaking out because this man who is suppose to have it all together and is leading me is having questions popping up all over the place about his means of providing... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Until the Lord moves in us, we shall be on our knees and stay where we are, working hard... lovin' eachother and that sweet pup of ours!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7 things that can ruin my day

One of my favorite bloggers wrote about the seven things that can ruin your day... Here is mine:

1. No coffee! I can skip the meal, but never that yummt hot cup of joe in the morning.

2. No exercise. This has been my new found survival tool. I get alone time to clear my head for the day, talk to my creator and enjoy some puppy time with sweet dallas. THE BEACH IS THE BEST WAY TO EXECUTE THIS!

3. Grouchy co-workers. It's usually just Rob and I in the office, so when his sweet babe keeps him up all right night or there was bad traffic, his foul mood rups off on me.

4. No tuck tuck from my sweet hubby. He gets up when most of us still call it night time to go to work. After he sneaks out of bed, gets ready and makes himself a cup of Via, he tip toes in and kisses me and tucks me back into the sheets.

5. Missing earrings. I don't know why, but somehow, those fab earrings that will just make my outfit go missing. I usually will find them the next day or during lunch!

6. Pants that are too short or ride up. Need I say more? Thank goodness Banana Republic and Gap are FINALLY catching on that we are not all 5"5 and need longer than 32" inseam!

7. Uncomfortable underwear. And by that I mean, it doesn't stay where it needs too, is too tight or blah! It's got to go!

What are yours?


Bebo Norman sings:

"I will lift my eyes to maker of the Mountains I can climb,

I will lift my eyes to healer of the hurt I hold inside,

I will lift my eyes to the raging ocean tide."

My small group is starting a book about cleaning out "emotional closet". It's going to be a hard next few weeks as I cling to the truth, the Truth that is promised to set us free. I pray that I will look to my Maker, that I will see myself as he created me. I have too. It is time to let go of the lies, the poison that I have listened to- from myself and others!

I pray that I will have the faith like David did. All I have is a little sling shot and I'm up against warriors. Those warriors are giants. They are the giants of lies, doubt, anxiety, selfworth or worry. But with the TRUTH OF MY MAKER, I will suceed.

I pray that I will have the courage like Peter did to step out of the boat to meet Jesus. That is He will give me the courage to love Him dangerously. That I will be a woman after the Lord's heart. That I will seek the Lord with ALL my heart, not just a part.

I pray that I will have the strength like Mary. To withstand hardship and still find myself on my knees praying and praising my savior.

And lastly, that I would make each day a little easier on my husband. That keeping his vows would be easier than I'm sure I make it. That I will make it easier for him to lead me, to teach me and love me. That I would be a better roommate to him (sorry for the dirty clothes that are always on the bathroom floor!).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This and That

I do not have anything profound to say, I have lots of thoughts. School started on Monday and like any nightmare freshman class of going to the wrong class, it happened. I went to the qrong class. I loved the teacher, but it is not perminent. The correct teacher that I have is like that nerd in Role Models, the one that has been at helping hands for way to long. If he was a woman and taught at Trident, it owuld be my teacher!

My English class is going to be awesome, the teacher, Mr. Hart, is an older guy that reminds me of my dad.

With all this school (4 nights a week and 40 hours of work), like is busy. I have guilt for Dallas being coupt up all day, so I usually get up early and head to the dog park and try to get some quiet time or other reading done. This semester is going to be a ride, so hold on Robertson's!

I got quite the treat last night. I walked home from work (before you feel sorry for me, our door is aobut 10 yards from my office) and walked in the house and dinner was ALREADY in the oven and about to come out in 10 minutes. What a treat to have a sit down dinner and relax before I had to leave for class!! THANKS FRANK!!!

Here are some pretty photos from Nicaragua that sound brighten your day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My to-do list; an update

Some fun on this boring Thursday!!
1. Run a marathon and not pass out
2. Donate my hair to locks of love.
September of '08
3. Hit my goal weight and look fabulous!
4. Throw an amazing party for a fabulous friend.
5. Get married without a hitch.
August 17, 2008

6. See clear ocean water.
7. Go to africa
8. Sit on a mountain top and let my feet hang over the edge... barefoot!
Honeymoon August '08

9. Buy a 4 door car.
October of '08
10. Make it through my first year of marriage with no babies, no killing eachother and minimal timeouts
Atlanta; August 14-18 2009

11. Go to an outdoor concert or huge festival.
12. Go back to school and finish this time.
Registered for classes this fall. School starts on Monday!
13. Start a company
14. Build a savings account.
15. Start a fruitful small group, pref. all women.
16. Be an amazing wife.
17. Read the entire bible, in order, at least once.
18. Become a regular tither.
19. Buy a house
20. Make the house livable.
21. Go to a winery.
Honeymoon; Biltmore winery!
22. Have a beath taking kiss.
23. Get scuba certified.
24. Go to a braves game to see what the fuss is about
Atlanta; August 16, 2009

25. Blog regularly.
26. Go the aquarium in Atlanta
August 17, 2009

27. Have a meaningful job.
Meaningful, maybe; but it's a full timer, full benefits and a amazing discount for our amazing cozy apartment!
28. Eat a 5 star resturant with fabulous company, fabulous shoes and fabulous conversation.
29. Give blood before going to Africa.
30. Buy new bedroom furniture.
31. Learn to fish.
Honeymoon; August '08

Sunday, July 5, 2009

~The Robertson Family~

His name is Dallas and we will love him and sqeeze him and keep him forever and ever! That is right my friends, we got a dog! I know what you are thinking... Abbey is NOT an animal lover, I'm so confused! I'm not, don't worry, I just love MY ANIMAL! He's awesome.
Two weeks ago today, Frank and I were at church and there was this man and he had a baby with him that was about negative 3 days old, he was so little. Frank was like "Abbey look, look"... I knew I was toast!

We have been going back and forth about a dog. My vote was a turtle or a fish! My votes kept getting vetoed. I finally caved and Monday morning we went to the JASPCA to just "look". There he was:
It was love at first sight... that is for Frank and formally "Buddy". I was sceptical. The lady at the shelter, Jen, was awesome and she saw something in us that we didn't see. She was awesome, she told us about his previous family. When he came to the shelter, he had an imbedded collar and was terribly scared under his neck. She told us that he was a lot of work, but we could do it! I think he bit me about 10 times in like 5 minutes... I was terrified. Jen was terrified that I had never had a dog and about to take home this hurding dog that still puppy nips and hurds humans.

We went outside to play, I was toast! Frank was falling in love with the animal that I didn't know if I could handle. Frank can barely remember to brush his teeth and load the dishwasher, how can he possible take care of this animal. Is it going to fall on me? All these things are going through my head. When Jen and I were talking while the boys were playing, I was all but dashing for the door. I even asked her if she would come and live with us!

We went to the car to make our final decision... 15 minutes later, we were all piling into the car to take our new addition home with us!

This is my Favorite:

Dallas, we love you so much... welcome to the Family!


"Chancho": a disgusting large pig...

That is how I feel. While walking from my host house in Villa El Carmen, Eduara (the translator) and Rebekah (the host's daughter), they were talking and of course I didn't understand what they were talking about. I was just walking and looking around at the beauty of what the Lord had made, soaking in the culture, the smell... and then it caught my eye... the big ugly, fat, dirty chancho. I started to think about that chancho and myself. How my heart, my insides, my soul is a chancho. It is disgusting! The maker of this world, the King of Kings, the Lord of these nations breathed life into me and I have the nerve to ignore Him. How dare I be tempted to give him the first of my fruits, the first part of my day. So may times when I pray I do all the talking and when I want to "hear" from Him, I give him like 10 seconds before I am distracted by the wonderful husband that I have, what we are going to have for dinner, what my friends are doing and that I want to go and play or that heaping pile of laundry that haunts me.

I ask, "Lord, where are you?" but I'm so blind by my pitiful world that I can not see him. He's everywhere, he's in my gorgeous apartment, my wonderful job, the eyes of my husband and friends. He's in the trees, the ocean... he's everywhere.

I feel as though my faith is too simple, that I might as well put it in a little jar and just set it up on the mantle and when i need something, get it down and rub on it. That is how I treat my King. He has blessed me more than I can ask or imagine and all I give him is 10% of my fruits and my time... occasionally. My soul is a chancho!

So what is my action plan:
  • To dig deeper, to get in the word and spend some time with my maker.
  • To search Him and find him.
  • To search and understand my purpose, why he has put me here.
  • To serve his people; to feed the hungry, heal the sick.

I do not wish for beauty and gold, I wish for my soul to be full. To live this one life I have to the max. To leave a legacy that will carry on. For when I stand before the throne I want the Lord to say, "job well done my good and faithful servant."

Nicaragua 09

Just a thank you for those of you who helped support Frank and I to go to Nicaragua. It was an amazing trip and the Lord is moving in the little country. I wanted to let you know about what your money did.

It hosted this day (vacation bible school):

It gave these families encouragement and hope:

It taught these kids that following christ is a good choice and loving Him is not just in their small town of Villa El Carmen:
And mostly it taught this couple that serving together is worth the stress, worry and rewards all worth it:

Here are so other really cool pictures that were taken on the trip...

Friday, May 8, 2009


Dear Lord,
I'm so nervous about moving. I look at this boxes packed all around me. I'm scared... it's the third move in 9 months. I'm so tired, frustrated and worried! Please protect us. Give us your discernment and wisdom... we need it oh so bad~ I know you are my protector and provider, please remind me.
Thank you for your kindness and grace that I need everyday. Thank you for being my abba father, the alpha and omega. I do not understand this, I can not wrap my pea brain about the alpha and omega. While I have a great dad, I can not understand your perfect love, grace and forgiveness.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The slums

Last night we went to see Slumdog millionaire. It was one of the most intense movies that I have seen. It was not a "bang bang, shoot'em up" intensity, but rather a gut wrenching movie. The movie was about this guy, Jamal and his brother Salim. Jamal randomly won a chance to be on "who wants to be a millionaire". The show and authorities thinks that he's cheating and he tells his story which has given him all the answers to the show.

The film was shot in India with Indian characters, the kid actors really are from the slums. After the movie, we were talking about it on the way home and one of the responses was, "it was disgusting how they lived!". At first I was annoyed by that remark and how naive it seemed. How could they say that, that is really how the other half live! After thinking about it for over 18 hours now, I have realized it is disgusting and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that for the first time, there was not "Hollywood" put in a movie, that it filmed reality and the world is seeing it maybe for the first time! It made me sad that I was offended by that comment for it sounding so stuck up and unemotional. Maybe I do need to be disgusted by it so that it was break my heart, that there needs to be light there. Orphans there are the dogs, they are unwanted and in the way. The beg and are dirty. They are mistreated, there is no one there to stick up for them to make sure that what goes on behind doors is ethical and humane.
There are the cuties from the movie:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Light

I have been confused for way too long! Sunday's... before today... have been full. Filled with Church then rush home and cram as much errands/ house chores into one afternoon as possible and still claiming it as a relaxing day. The house chores are usually the guild of wanting clean clothes for the week to come. I hardly ever do laundry during the week, there is so much going on.

Today I was in such a funk. Our dear friends dryer broke and has had their laundry at our house. I folded some and did a load of ours. I said "not today!". I cashed in the laundry card, grabbed my new real simple magazine and headed outside. My husband soon followed and we enjoyed some time outside reading and drinking!! The Pate's came over to do some laundry and cook for the super bowl party... our American Patriotic duty! Tonight will be fun, tomorrow night I will resume the chores!!

On a side note, I wanted to share this with my oh so loyal readers. As some of you may know, being married has been a journey. It has been a huge change of pace, such as merging of the things, new money habits and so forth. Well, this has topped it all!
I came home the other day after a long day of work and just wanted to veg out and have a glass of wine. I walked into our house to Michael Buble blaring from the bathroom. I walked to the bathroom and this is what I found:
I opened the door and didn't say anything, I was so shocked! He said "hi" that was all. No, "hey, jump in and join me", nothing! I just shut the door and went to get some wine.
(P.S. you can't see all the candles lit around the bathroom, but I assure you that they were there!)

Now, while I would love to take credit for my husband's feminine side, I must give it to whom it belongs... his mother. She is awesome! She taught him how to dye hair, apply make up, cook, take bubble baths, and my all time favorite... paint nails! THANK YOU MOM!!!
Does anyone else's husbands do "off gender" things like this? Please do share! I would love a good laugh.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Is everyone having babies? I feel like everyone around me is having a child, thank goodness that my bestest are not! I think that it would make things worst~ So I thought that I would partake in the fun I'm sure that these people are having. If I were to have a child now, these are the things that I would pick.

The bag that I would pick:

For her sweet little room, I would put this bedding and decor:

*please note that I like the letters, not the name:)

She would ride in this:

So until then, I will continue on the newlywed train with no babies till I am blessed with them.
Side Note:
This is Tiffany's fault, we were talking about this last night, she is totally at fault for my baby fever moment!!
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