Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009... and it was good!

Thinking back on this year, there have been a lot of fun memories to close 2009. Here is the year in pictorial review:
New Years at Daniel Island
Biltmore/ Ski Trip with The Well
Frank goes to Cigar fest with Connor

Hockey Game with Belle Hall
Holden Beach with Emily's friends... so fun!
The western Harbour Cruise with The Well... what lovely besties that I have!

Nicaragua... mi familia
Nashville with the Russo's... what a great trip!
Our first baby... with 4 legs... meet Dallas Robertson

Happy 1 year of marital bliss... may the next 50 years be as adventurous as the first!
While these are just the hot tickets that happened over the course of the year, there were plenty more, the amazing trip to Washington DC to have thanksgiving, Texas (all 2200 miles) for a fantastic Christmas and new years (tomorrow). While those are just the fun things that we have been blessed to get to do, there were many small things that happened this year. There is the marriage, that we plead with the Lord to knit us tight and stronger each day. That our communication would be clearer and better with each step we take. That we would be more patient with each other as we try to figure out our hopes and dreams, and making those things come alive. I do not want to look my future children in the eye and tell them to dream when I have done the same. I want to tell them that they can be who ever they want to be and do whatever it is that their heart tell them to be, but I have not done the same... pray for me to do that... pray hard!

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