Friday, September 26, 2008

ice cream with a side of breast milk... what?

This morning while watching our economy tank and seeing senators blaim everyone else for this... I saw a head line that has topped it all. Yes people, I can die a happy woman because PETA went there... they have asked Ben and Jerry to stop using cow's milk in their ice cream and start using breat milk! Yes, I just said breat milk, as in humans!!! OMG! All I can picture is woman lined up in a barn in their own stables getting milked!! HAHA! (seriously, I'm all by my self and I'm laughing so hard at this vision).

Here is the article for you to read yourself... go, I'll wait.

Let me back up and fill you in on my PETA experiences... when i lived in DC they would boycott Neiman Marcus for their fur department with signs that said "Neiman Carcus" and they would be skinned animals. They would boycott downtown in charleston with the same signs... it was so gross!

This letter that they sent, I think, is a huge injustice the the human race. I think that it violates all that woman fought for so that we have the rights that we do now. I think that this is opening a can of worms for woman who are in desperate economic situations. Breast milk if worth more than gold! This could cause woman who are not educated enough to lactate longer than you are suppose to causing them to be malnutritioned... so for a so on.

Bottom line... PETA TAKE A CHILL PILL!!

P.S. This would cause a pint to go from $6 to about $50!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

you are what you eat?

Oh girl....

For the last 10 or 15 years I have struggled with IBS... or so I thought! I mean, I had to be so careful of what I ate... no cheese, milk, ice cream, etc. If I chose to eat them, I had to know that there was a restroom near by. I would notice that I could eat ice cream that was higher quality. That I could eat cheese that was imported... NEVER KRAFT!!

Being that I had made poor choices financially, i could never afford to buy the organic milk until my honeymoon. It was the same price as the regular... so why not? It didn't make me sick at all!! I just thought that it was because there was no stress what so ever while we were gone. Then 3 days ago, I was craving something that had never happened... yogurt. This was a sure fire way to test if my theories were correct. I bought it... publix blackberry yogurt. I ate it and NOTHING!!!


I was talking to my girlfriend about it and she told me to start doing some homework. Well I did and it made me mad! Here is the link to the article.... one of many.

It says basically that this company came up with this hormone that makes cows produce milk faster and therefore the farms can make more money. It says that they knew it caused health problems including CANCER AND IBS. Europe's FDA said no way... our's was different. They had people who helped develop the hormone leave the company and go and work for the FDA to help appove rBGH!!!

Are you serious? The statistics are unreal. We have to know what we are eating! Milk allergies topped the charts last year with allergies. It's because the FDA and large farms are so corrupt.

I hope that this stirs something that makes us ferious... I know that I am! I have missed out on pleanty of ice cream!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Before I got married, I got tons of advice...
1.  Have thick skin.
2.  Emotionally invest and be there when things are happening.
3.  Compromise.
4.  Have fun.
5.  Communicate.
6.  Don't tell each others secrets.
7.  Praise in public, critic in private.

So over the last month, yes it's been a month already, I have learned a lot.  I have been stretched beyond what I thought was possible.  I shared a room and closet with my sister for a good 2 years in high school... surely sharing a bed and closet would be just as easy... WRONG!!  Married life is a blast, you get a permanent best friend, someone to laugh with and cut up with, someone who will laugh and cry with you, someone to fight with you when you are grouchy, someone to hold you accountable to not buy that fabulous pair of shoes so that you can eat for the next month.  They have your back when you are unsure of what is going on.  Where you lack, they are there to pick up those pieces.... yes, it has only been a month, and we have faced all of this.  
We are exhausted.  The money is tight, we don't know where we are going to live.... and yet, every step that we have taken so far, the Lord has met us where we are... completely broken (and broke) and guided us.  I know that we are going to make mistakes, we will fall on our faces at one point... but life has been good.  
We have more family and friends that have been there for us.  They have helped us though the good and the bad.  They have provided shelter to us, they have fed us, they have wiped our tears and laid hands on us to bless us.  They have made us laugh when we thought the tears would not stop.  My prayer every night is that everyone has family and friends like that.  That in the darkest moments, they have a Lord that will provide hope and a circle of community around them that will hold them up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

#8, 21, &31... DONE!!!

That is right...
#8. Sit on a mountain top with no shoes and let my feet hang over.
Oh our honeymoon, Frank and I set out with a map, water bottle (thanks sandy), some b.p.j's and a backpack. We went on a hike and saw 3 water falls. They were gorgous. On our first stop, we had our p.b.j's and they were yummy. Maybe it was just that Frank was carrying everything and I didn't have to be in charge that made me enjoy it. But mostly we just stared at the water and talked about how we could not believe that we were finally here!

#21... go to a winery.  On the next day of our honeymoon we went to the biltmore... all 270 rooms and 3 green houses plus the winery... it was so fun!! We tried everything! The lady, Helen, was so sweet and so excited for us.  This picture is right outside.. 

#31... Learn how to fish!!
I did it. We went fishing. If fact, we had two Robertson family fishing tournaments and I won both of them. I caught 3 fish, Frank... NONE!! It was awesome. I had no idea what I was doing and would most likely piss off anyone who knew what they were doing. Frank kept busting out these "awesome tournament" bate... no no, still nothing!!
Here is just one of the three that I caught: Here is what Frank caught!!

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