Friday, September 26, 2008

ice cream with a side of breast milk... what?

This morning while watching our economy tank and seeing senators blaim everyone else for this... I saw a head line that has topped it all. Yes people, I can die a happy woman because PETA went there... they have asked Ben and Jerry to stop using cow's milk in their ice cream and start using breat milk! Yes, I just said breat milk, as in humans!!! OMG! All I can picture is woman lined up in a barn in their own stables getting milked!! HAHA! (seriously, I'm all by my self and I'm laughing so hard at this vision).

Here is the article for you to read yourself... go, I'll wait.

Let me back up and fill you in on my PETA experiences... when i lived in DC they would boycott Neiman Marcus for their fur department with signs that said "Neiman Carcus" and they would be skinned animals. They would boycott downtown in charleston with the same signs... it was so gross!

This letter that they sent, I think, is a huge injustice the the human race. I think that it violates all that woman fought for so that we have the rights that we do now. I think that this is opening a can of worms for woman who are in desperate economic situations. Breast milk if worth more than gold! This could cause woman who are not educated enough to lactate longer than you are suppose to causing them to be malnutritioned... so for a so on.

Bottom line... PETA TAKE A CHILL PILL!!

P.S. This would cause a pint to go from $6 to about $50!!

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