Tuesday, September 23, 2008

you are what you eat?

Oh girl....

For the last 10 or 15 years I have struggled with IBS... or so I thought! I mean, I had to be so careful of what I ate... no cheese, milk, ice cream, etc. If I chose to eat them, I had to know that there was a restroom near by. I would notice that I could eat ice cream that was higher quality. That I could eat cheese that was imported... NEVER KRAFT!!

Being that I had made poor choices financially, i could never afford to buy the organic milk until my honeymoon. It was the same price as the regular... so why not? It didn't make me sick at all!! I just thought that it was because there was no stress what so ever while we were gone. Then 3 days ago, I was craving something that had never happened... yogurt. This was a sure fire way to test if my theories were correct. I bought it... publix blackberry yogurt. I ate it and NOTHING!!!


I was talking to my girlfriend about it and she told me to start doing some homework. Well I did and it made me mad! Here is the link to the article.... one of many.

It says basically that this company came up with this hormone that makes cows produce milk faster and therefore the farms can make more money. It says that they knew it caused health problems including CANCER AND IBS. Europe's FDA said no way... our's was different. They had people who helped develop the hormone leave the company and go and work for the FDA to help appove rBGH!!!

Are you serious? The statistics are unreal. We have to know what we are eating! Milk allergies topped the charts last year with allergies. It's because the FDA and large farms are so corrupt.

I hope that this stirs something that makes us ferious... I know that I am! I have missed out on pleanty of ice cream!

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Mrs Pate said...

Four words: "I Told You So." :)

But thats really cool that you did some research into it!

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