Tuesday, September 9, 2008

#8, 21, &31... DONE!!!

That is right...
#8. Sit on a mountain top with no shoes and let my feet hang over.
Oh our honeymoon, Frank and I set out with a map, water bottle (thanks sandy), some b.p.j's and a backpack. We went on a hike and saw 3 water falls. They were gorgous. On our first stop, we had our p.b.j's and they were yummy. Maybe it was just that Frank was carrying everything and I didn't have to be in charge that made me enjoy it. But mostly we just stared at the water and talked about how we could not believe that we were finally here!

#21... go to a winery.  On the next day of our honeymoon we went to the biltmore... all 270 rooms and 3 green houses plus the winery... it was so fun!! We tried everything! The lady, Helen, was so sweet and so excited for us.  This picture is right outside.. 

#31... Learn how to fish!!
I did it. We went fishing. If fact, we had two Robertson family fishing tournaments and I won both of them. I caught 3 fish, Frank... NONE!! It was awesome. I had no idea what I was doing and would most likely piss off anyone who knew what they were doing. Frank kept busting out these "awesome tournament" bate... no no, still nothing!!
Here is just one of the three that I caught: Here is what Frank caught!!

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