Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Done and Done

#5 and #22 ____ DONE!!

We did it! On Sunday with the pouring rain! It was beautiful... the flowers, the ceremony, the bridal party, it was all perfect. The reception went without any hitches. The food was awesome, we danced and drank and were merry. The whole day a testimony to the Lords faithfulness to our relationship with eachother and with him. Our families love each other so much and had such a fun time hanging out. We are so blessed to have eachother and to have friends and family that have gathered around us and cheered us on. We are so thankful to you guys. My one wish is that all girls have sisters and best friends like Emily and Abbi. They rocked it this last week.

1 comment:

Emily Alden said...

you are beautiful and i love you!!!

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