Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ready... never. Just maybe more prepared.

Today my friend was having a neighborhood wide garage sale.  Another friend went in search of some, oh so needed, boy clothes.  She called me and told me I needed to get over there ASAP.  We had pack and play drama earlier this week and we needed a new one.

Here's the loot that I scored:

This AMAZING zooper stroller for just $100!  It's normally $500!!!!!!

I also got this graco swing n bounce for just $12... after some looking around, it looks like it is about $135.

I also got a grace pack and play that is hideously ugly, but it was $10 and will work as a play pen for when Emma gets here.

And lastly this bassinet for just $13... after some looking around, it looks like it retails between $75 and $100.

I just can't believe that I found these amazing deals!!  Seriously now the only things that we need for Emma... I crib, a mattress some bedding and diapers.

Dallas and Annabelle waited sorta patiently in the car... so excited and can't wait for Frank to get home so he can see these awesome deals!

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