Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've blogged about this before, once in fact this year, my mom.  Mother's day and an anniversary all in one week just seems fitting.

I cannot believe that tomorrow will mark 13 years that you went to meet Jesus!  Where has time gone?  How have Emily, dad and I done this thing called life without you for 13 years?  It seems like an eternity.  I miss you, I really do.  When I look at Annabelle and now feel Emma move in me, my heart just aches.  How can you be missing this?  It just doesn't seem fair.
I talk to Annabelle about you all the time.   I try to remember how patient you were with Emily and I and bring that into my parenting... it's hard!  Can you tell me how you did it?  How you did it all?
Can I tell you how I was thankful for all that you did for me?  That you would bring me stuff to school that i had forgotten or you were always at my swim meets to cheer me on or would clean my room because I wouldn't.  I loved that, and I want that for my girls too.
When I snuggle AB, I do that sound you did.  It makes miss you.  There is a picture of the four of us (from the 80's) that hangs in the hall way next to her room.  When AB sees it, she stares at it.  The only person that she knows in that picture is dad, does she know you?  I know it's not biblical, but she smiles, does her "funky chicken" dance and starts "talking".  I tell her who everyone is, she's not listening because she is talking.  It's quit amusing.
I miss you mom and I cannot wait to see you again.
I love you,

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Rodrigues said...

Beautifully written. Your mom would be SO PROUD of you!

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