Saturday, April 16, 2011

Windy Saturday

Today is what I love to call, relax.  AB slept for 13 hours last night {GRIN}.  Frank got up to go to work in the wee hours of the morning but us ladies slept in!  We just lounged and napped until dad got home so the fun could begin!

We went to REI to check out this book-bag kid carrier that Frank has wanted since before we had babes.  AB liked it and kept tickling Franks neck, it was cute!

Is it just my hubby, or do all men do this?  When Frank walks into a sporting store, he thinks that he wants to do every activity that there is... all the sudden he turns into a serious kayaker or a camper (okay he goes camping on a somewhat regular basis) or a swimmer (haha, he almost drowned in survival school!) or a cyclist.

Annabelle was not amused by our trip:

We started cloth diapers today and had a major leak.  We took her to the van did a costume change... 
please check out the drool on her chest :)
How could I possibly forget-  HAPPY 7 MONTH BIRTHDAY ANNABELLE!!  YOU ARE SO BIG!

Happy Saturday!

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