Monday, April 18, 2011

7 Months and counting...

Annabelle turned 7 months the other day... where has time gone??  So here is the latest on our sweet AB:

  • You are teething... eek!  You got your first bottom front tooth last week and are cutting the one next to it as we speak.  It was so sad, last night you were crying between bites you were hurting so bad!
  • You are so good at rolling over, front to back, back to front.  Some times you get frustrated and just cry and want us to roll you over to your back.
  • You have great tummy time form!  You are also tucking your knees up, but haven't figured out that you have to keep your arms locked yet... I"m okay with this :)
  • You love to eat!  
enjoying a mango smoothy!
  • You love puffs, and you are learning to feed yourself and it's so funny.  When you finally get one in there you are so proud of yourself!
  • You love Dallas but I think that he is a little scared of you.  You think it's really funny when he licks your feet sniffs your ear.  Sometimes I don't wipe your face good enough and if he gets enough courage to sniff your face, you open your mouth wide open... I did catch him licking in there one day.  Can you not do that anymore?
  • You kick your feet non-stop.  You also rub them together.

I love you sweet baby and can't believe how fast this is going, can we slow down??

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