Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Baby Girl...

Baby Girl,
We finally met you today!  I mean, we've seen you before, but today we found out that you are a little girl!  I can not believe it.  Honestly, I thought you were going to be a boy, but I am beside myself!  I can not wait to hold you and to rock you, to laugh with you and teach you things.  Can I please tell you that Aunt Manny screamed on the phone when I told her about you?  You will love her, she is so girlie and will spoil you rotten.  In true fashion, I called Aunt Emily right away (in front of the sign that said no cell phones while in the office) to tell her that I couldn't talk but that you were a little girl.  She cried.  Granddaddy is beside himself... he loves girls, maybe that is why he got 4!  Grandmommy was sounds asleep but was so excited.  Nanna was working but is so excited too!  You will love those two ladies... they are so fun and will take you all sorts of cool places!

As we have pondered the last 4 1/2 months what you were going to be like, you did this to us today:

*I am praying that this is not the attitude that is coming my way in the years to come!

Oh baby girl, this is my prayer for you:
I pray that you will love your maker so much!  That you will be strong and courageous.  That others will love you and you will lead them.  I pray for your future husband, that he will just adore you and treat you the way that your daddy will teach you to be treated. 
Can we please talk about your daddy real quick?  He loves you more than anything already.  If fact, when we were leaving, he was telling me that he needs to go home and clean his shot gun.  When we were looking at your healthy heart, he said, "oh that heart is going to break mine one day"... please don't do that sweet baby.  He loves you so much.  As much as he might seem like a tough guy, he is so fragile.  Don't tell him I told you about this, but on our first date, we talked about babies and both of us wanting them so bad one day, I can't believe it's here.  But he told me that he can not wait to have a daddy's little girl!  Please be that for him.  He desires your love at attention so much.
Baby, I pray that you will follow your dreams.  Go to the ends of the world if you have to.  Your daddy and I will come and visit.  I pray that you will be so smart.  Book smart, street start but mostly I pray that you will be people smart.  To be able to relate to people, to lead them, to listen to them.  To teach them about the creator that we will teach you about.  Can you do that for me?

I pray that you pick your friends wisely.  Please do not waste your time of fleeting friends, they will only cause you heart ache.  Please pick friends that will love you and encourage you to become the woman that you want to become.  And oh those boyfriends... I hate them already!  I am not looking forward to lying in your bed as you cry yourself to sleep, hoping they don't show up because I know that daddy will shoot them if they come in the yard.  Please be like your Aunt Emily and not give them the time of day after one or two dates... I would love that.  Don't be like your momma or Aunt Amanda that use to missionary date.  They won't change.
Please be a great big sister.  As daddy and I have more babes, please be good to them.  Love them, lead them, teach them to be nice to mommy and daddy as we will teach you.  Oh that note, please be nice to Dallas, he is such a good pup and momma and daddy love him so much.  We are already teaching him to be nice to you.  He just wants to play, can you do that?

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cait said...

this is beautiful! LOVE her name! cute blog!!

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