Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~Mac's and babies~

For months now, Franks dad has been telling us he would get us a mac.  We were excited, but were trying to not get our hopes up because we didn't want to be uber disappointed.  But 2 weeks ago, George came through and the check was in the mail!  We were going to Charlotte that weekend so we got our mac at the Southpark Mall apple store.  We were stoked!  Plus, it came with an itouch, that frank let me keep!!  I'm so excited, I've never had something so cool, let alone 2 cool pieces of technology at the same time... needless to say, I'm hooked.  
Frank loves this thing, he has started a blog and the day came that I thought would never happened... I came home to find him on facebook!  We have also started watching Lost on hulu... hello world, we have missed you!!
We have also enjoyed photobooth, here are some of the Robertson's best:

And lastly, posted for all you family and friends that keep asking... here we are... Frank's girls at our finest!

*please excuse my super messy living room... we are super busy doing life and enjoying our last few months of coming and going as we please and don't have time to clean :)

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