Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years ago....

I can not believe that it has been 9 years already!  I will never forget that morning, being woken up by my uncle and watching mass chaos unfold on TV and in our own city!  I remember being at work and co-workers parents were not home yet from work.  There was no way to get a hold of anyone.  It was terrifying.  Fighter planes flying over our house, making it shake... you could see the missiles locked and ready to go.  My uncle said, "Abbey, go look, you may never see this again."  I pray to this day that he was right!

That day at school changed everything.  Most of the middle eastern kids were so scared to come to school.  I remember waiting to see if my class was going to happen or if it had been cancelled.  One of my classmates and I were sitting outside waiting (did I mention that it was the most perfect fall day outside?) and started talking.  He told me that he moved to VA when he was a babe and they were from Pakistan.  His story was incredible.  As I sat there and listened... my heart broke for him.  He said that his mom was terrified to come out of her house, what would be people say?  What would they do?

That day I learned about forgiveness, we all need it.  We all make mistakes... what if I was held accountable for things done that were out of my control?  What if I were lumped in with the Germans during WWII?  Or with the Vietnam conflict?  Or desert storm?  All of these horrible things that we lump people into just because of their color or their nationality, needs to be let go.

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