Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh Baby Baby

On Monday I went to visit the Dr. for a check up. It is always so excited to hear the babes heart beat. This visit it was at 145 BPM. The first was around 160, the second visit was in the 150's. I think that we are having a boy. We will find out in just 3 short weeks, can it come any quicker? Anyways, here is a picture from 12 weeks.
If you look closely, you can see Baby Robertson waiving at us! Seriously, that sweet heart beat and those hands will make a momma and a daddy cry! Frank and I were talking and laughing on the way home as we talked about every detail (as though one wasn't there). As soon as the put that wand thing on me, it was as if the babe woke up and starting moving around for us. Baby Robertson was stretching, waiving and caring on for us... maybe we have a star on our hands...

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