Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventrues of Abbey in the kitchen.

I have a fear of being a bad mom.  I do.  There are silly things that I have in my mind that will classify me as a bad mom:
1.  Not being fun enough for my kids.  Not creating enough good memories for them to remember me by.  My mom created so many good memories with us, I want to be like that!
2.  Not being affectionate enough.  To them and their sweet daddy.
3.  Not playing enough.  What if Frank is the fun parent but they are stuck with me all day... that would not be okay with me.
4.  Being a bad cook, and when I say that, I really mean the lack of cooking/ baking.

So to compensate for the things that I can work on now, I have started with #4.  The other night I made muffins for frank and I to have all week for breakfast.  They were good and did what they were intended to do.  However there were a few problems.
1.  I used every measuring cup (it was premixed, just add eggs, oil and milk!)
2.  I made the biggest mess ever, frank sat on the other side of the bar and silently laughed at me the whole time.
3.  They were fiber muffins... Lord knows frank does not need any fiber and well, I'm preggers... enough said!

The next night I made peanut butter cookies and it was a disaster.  All the dishes that I cleaned from the previous said story were made dirty again.  I did not grease the pan, so the cookies were burnt on the bottom and they were not done enough.  DANG IT!  I'm failing... sorry Annabelle and future baby Robertson's!!

Night before last I made this:

It is so easy and it was good!  Easy left overs for work and the hubby LOVED it! 
Improvements to make:
1.  Defrost chicken before hand.
2.  Serve with white wine!!  (well, after September!)

Last night was a crazy night.  I didn't get home till late and frank had to work late.  I decided to try this:

This is really easy, if you have a large food processor.  We do not, so it took a little more than 5 minutes.
1.  Remember to add olive oil to the top when ready to serve.
2.  Serve with white wine!!

So that is what I have so far.  I will continue to post my recipes as I try them. Frank has really been impressed with my culinary adventures, he has even told people about it.  He says it's weird to have a wife that cooks.  I like it... but I do like sitting on the counter and helping better :)

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