Wednesday, July 28, 2010

May I have your attention please?!?

*warning this blog is a little cynical, please know that we are very excited about Annabelle getting here, but boy has it been a journey!

Sunday marked 33 weeks of "Operation, get Annabelle out!"  Needless to say, I feel huge.  I have never weighed this much (save the comments, I know that I'm preggers.  It's just hard to see that number on the scale at the Dr. office each time).  Anyways, I wanted to let you laugh/ be horrified with me of the comments that I have received over the last few weeks (some of these are comments that friends have gotten as well).

Things you should not say to a pregnant women:
  1. You are huge!
  2. Your feet are so big (thank you, I know they look liked baked potatoes)
  3. You look tired (I know, I got up to pee like 13 times last night and my hips hurt, thanks!)
  4. Are you expecting, or is that residual left overs?
  5. Are you excited?  (seriously??  Part of me wants to answer this, heck no, that little monster is going to ruin my somewhat cute figure that I had, date nights are now going to be that much more difficult AND have you heard about potty training, don't even get me started on that!!)
  6. Your face has really changed.  (thanks, I know, I look like a cow and gained too much weight, your don't need to tell me now that I look like a freak.  I'm already rolling my eyes now when my hubby tells me I'm beautiful)
  7. Are you ready?  (insert sarcasm tone: Seriously, I just wanted to have  good bottle of wine and look where this lead.  No I'm not ready for parenthood nor am I ready to share my house with another chick let alone my house is turning more pink by the day!!)
  8. Boy, you've got the waddle walk down.
And lastly, for the love... if I have not told you that "i love you" we are not close enough for you to touch my belly.  If for whatever freak reason that I am in the mood to get my belly rubbed like I'm buddha, I will tell you it's okay.


Emily Alden said...

Hahaha, best blog ever.

Tiffany said...

my favorite was when ppl would ask me if I was having twins.. Yes, such a nice way of saying your so fat your past preggers!

I use to tell chris to stop rubbing my tummy a genie is not going to pop out of my butt and give him a wish.

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