Thursday, September 2, 2010

So apparently I have readers... and have been accused of being a slogger... I'm sorry!  So buckle up and here we go!!

Frank and I have decided that we are moving to Charlotte.  I said it, Charlotte!  We are so excited but sad to close this chapter in our lives.  We met here, dated here, got married and will have our first child here and the list goes on.  Frank went ahead of me and started work last week and is looking for a place for us as we speak.  He is rockin' it out there and I'm so proud of him!!  Dallas and I were uber bored without him. Last week I was here alone (which I'm not going to lie, I loved it!) and I made this:
My hooter hider!

Bored Dallas!

I wanted a hooter hider and did not get it at my shower... so I looked online and found a pattern, begged Mel to borrow her machine and made it!  I'm pretty pleased with the way that it turned out and am making one for a friend (she asked me!!).

Here is week 37:

My dad came to stay with me this week...
We all need a break from working so hard nesting, right?
WHAT A BLESSING!!  Let me say that again, what a blessing he has been!  He started doing a load of laundry and didn't stop.  There is not a dirty sock left in my house.  I can not believe it... THANK YOU DAD!  I needed to pick up some last minute things at target the other night- I had some awesome diaper coupons that were going to expire- yeah he bought all that too.  I hid my tears from him... I'm so thankful for his generosity.  Last night I made him some guacamole, if you have never had some Robertson guacamole, call me, I'll tell you what to get and come over immediately... IT"S SO YUMMY!!!

Today as I'm sitting here, I'm 38 weeks and 5 days preggers... what does that mean? I'm the most fun and loving person ever a ticking time bomb!  Last night I woke up to use the potty and was having contractions hard core and couldn't go back to a good sleep.  I finally gave up at 6:30 and got up.  My back was killing me... long story short, we went to the Dr. and she said "nope, no labor yet!!"  And yes, my dad waited in the waiting room.  Last week my Dr. set up an induce date, the 15th, and today she said that I would not make it that far... which is good news.  I'm so ready to get this kid out!!!

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