Saturday, September 25, 2010

I don't know a lot, but I know this...

After 9 LOOONNNGGG months of being preggers and 1 1/2 weeks into parenting, I do know a few things that I would like to share.  Mostly as a reminder to myself when we get around to baby #2.  Please note, that in no way do I think that I am an expert in parenting, I have no idea what I'm doing nor will I pretend that I do.  None of the less, here are the lessons that I have learned.

1.  I WILL cry over spilled milk!  I worked hard to get my milk in that little bottle.  Please do not spill it, spit it up nor let is go bad!  Amen?
3.  For the love, get a pedi and wax the eye brows!  I know they are expensive, but when you feel (and well face it, look like) a cow, you should at least be able to look down and see some awesome painted hot pink toes.  And those pictures are going to be around for a life time, poorly maintained eye brows are just an embarrassment!
4.  You need to laugh at yourself when you are lying in bed with your sweet husband and your sleeping baby that sounds like a little goat and you start crying for no reason (baby blues anyone?!?).  And for the love, let your husband laugh at your ridiculousness, it will make it more barible for all parties (yes Frank, I will cry about it).
5.  Sitz baths are a non-negotiable.  They feel so good and help you heal faster but mostly they give you 5 to 10 minutes of alone time where no one is trying to nurse on you or your husband will keep from asking where you put something (and you have no idea where it is because it fell victim to your last nesting episode!).
6.  Take a shower and make sure that you brush your teeth everyday.  It will make you feel pretty when you still feel like your insides are about to fall out.
7.  It's okay to cry because you miss your days of boredom (you didn't realize how bored you were until your little bundle of joy showed up!) and sleep.  And by sleep, I mean more than a hour and half at a time!
8. Witch Hazel, enough said!
9.  An incredible husband is of the upmost importance.  Someone who gets up and rocks that babe when you just layed down, or will get up to put the passy back in.  He will rock her, sing toher and for the love, kiss her sweet cheeck and lips all the time!
10.  All the things that you said that you will never do, you will do.  (introducing the passy during week 1, being brand loyal to diapers because they get the best reviews... yeah right, people give them to you, you will use them!).

What are you other lessons learned??

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