Monday, November 22, 2010

Messin' with Texas!

After my last post, I figured this needed to be a good one with lots of pictures to brighten up this time! So enjoy...

We are on a 2 week trip to Texas right now... and anyone who knows this Robertson family, knows we love our trips to Texas! We arrived last Wednesday in Dallas and then on Thursday afternoon we headed to Houston to see the Robertson side of the family. So here we go:

Thursday night, Papa George falling in love with Annabelle. We went out to dinner and to our surprise, Aunt Kathy and Uncle John babysat for us... what a treat!

Papa George and Annabelle

The next day, we went to old town Spring, TX for a fun day of burgers and shopping.  Annabelle enjoyed her afternoon in the stroller and a stellar blowout!

Annabelle cruising in Old town Spring, Texas

The next day, Frank's older brother, Chad and his family came into town and we had a fun day of food and fellowship.  We went to see Uncle Ben and MaMaw.  We came back to the house to enjoy each others company!

Meghan didn't make it long!

Frank, George and Annabelle.  Just a little help from one shiner lover to another. 

*George was taking his role very serious here.  And you do not let child rearing get in the way of shiner time around here! 
Frank, Sambo, Annabelle and Meghan
Sambo is from MaMaw's house in LA. He was brought to Houston to live with Aunt Kathy and Uncle John.

Haidyn and Annabelle
The Robertson's have some awesome older cousin's that are such a big help!

Daddy and Annabelle
Today we are hanging out at Nanna's and enjoying some R&R!  Tomorrow we are heading to Murphy for some holsome fun!

Here are some goodies from before our trip:

Rapper baby!
"Hail Mary Annabelle"

Happy Monday!  Have a fun week!


Tiffany said...

Okay, the picture of Frank with the Shiner... Hilarious.

They call me Mrs. Robertson said...

I knew if anyone would appreciate this photo, it would be a Pate!

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