Monday, June 23, 2008


Yesterday was one of those days that required napping... all day. Frank was working so we took total advantage of the Sunday night service. During worship, I looked over ( I know I should not have been distracted, but I was!), and there was this little boy with his dad. The dad was alone and the little boy was about 1. It was so sweet, the little guy was just clapping and trying to dance the best that he could while being held. He clapped for a while.
After the service, I was thinking about that little guy and his dad. I have no idea who they are, if the dad is single or if the little boy is his. But it made me think... what an example that guy is. That he would get that little guy dress and take him to church at the "witching hour" in little people's world. That church was more important that bath time, t.v. time or whatever you do at night time when you have little ones. It made me happy for the little guy that he has an example like that.
Then there was the little boy and how precious he was! How he was loving Jesus (okay maybe it was just the music), how he was "clapping" and dancing. Isn't that the way that we are suppose to worship... oblivious to the world around us. Is that was Jesus meant when he said, "Let the children come to me"?

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