Monday, November 24, 2008

She's not 69 forever!!!

I had a four day weekend the last weekend. On Thursday morning I got up, packed, kissed Frank good bye and headed for the mountains.

What I learned about Maw Maw this weekend:

1. My grandma likes uggs and in fact was about to buy a pair but went for a pair of bass fur lined calf height because they had a zipper.
2. She has had some crazy stuff happen to her.
3. No matter how old you get, you always refer to your true wild woman roots once past the age of 80.
4. The guessing game is over, I finally know how old my grandma is!! 69 does not last forever!!
5. Her new best friend is west Jefferson may be the funniest woman that I have ever met... did I mention that she's 90 and is dating!!! (and by that I mean several men!)
6. Edith, maw's best friend, goes all over and knows everyone in town. She even is going to the sports bar for lunch this week!!!

Over all, West Jefferson is a fun place to visit. But mostly, Maw's house around 7pm is even better, you get to hear of wild stories from these two wild women!!

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