Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The "T" word...

Teenagers.  We don't say it, we don't acknowledge that it will happen in about 12 years but we definently are taking notes for the inevitable.

The other day, AB and I were having a snack, I left her to grab something and came back to this... it's a preview of teenager Annabelle.  It may not be that bad after all.  And by the way, she is really playing baby games on my phone.

It's all things she loves; sippy cup, lovey, iPhone, paci and a snack!

Don't worry, Emma Kate was not left out either.  I dressed her the other day and got a little carried away... meet teenager Emma Kate:

It's all things a teenager wants; leggings, boots with the fur and an embarrassing cardigan your mom makes you wear for when it's cold.

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