Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coffee Date

Hey friends!  Happy Thursday~

I always wonder who is reading my blog.  I know people are and apparently they like it- the numbers are climbing and I'm excited that ya'll like me but terrified of what ya'll think of me.  Anyways, I wonder what season you are in, what your home life like, do you sit down as a family and eat?  Are you single?  Do you have children?  Are you married and totally in love or could ring your hubby's neck- maybe somewhere in between?  If I could have you to my house for a coffee date, or a play date this is what we could maybe talk about:
What are your kids up to?  Are they sleeping well (you should know by now that I am a HUGE advocate for sleep training!)?  I would ask you a few questions to see how you have handled your 2 year old when they all of the sudden "turned 2".  And by that it's drama city in our kitchen over sippy cups or what container a snack goes into.  I would ask you, if you are married, how you met your spouse and when you know he was the one.  I would ask you about your wedding day and your honeymoon.  I would ask you about your favorite part of being his help-mate and if he makes you laugh.  I'd ask you if you want my dog, we're friends now, right?

I'd ask you how you balance your life so well and I would then start taking notes.  I would ask you what your dreams are and what you hope for in the future.  I would ask you if you have traveled and the hilarious stories that happen in foreign lands that are just ridiculous.  I would then tell you about the story when Frank and I were in the Nicaragua airport and got stopped by armed military to check all our bags.  We were there with a huge team and had HUGE checked luggage with supplies for the locals.  We all had bag claims, but everyone was just pushing luggage (it was a huge mess!).  Frank left his bag claim sticker on the plane and didn't know which were his bags (the church provided the luggage and we packed it and then just put names on it at the airport).  It was such a mess.  We were freaking out.  He ended up slipping through without innocent and he wasn't questioned... phew!

I would ask you about what the Lord is teaching you right now.  I'm sure by then it would be lunch time or time for you to go.  Hopefully you would ask me some questions?  But what?  What would you ask me?  Happy Thursday!

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Emily Fox said...

I know I talk to you everyday and know all of those things about you but I REALLY want a coffee date with you!!!

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