Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hey friends!  My sister and I started a cooking blog- random I know!  We are so excited about this little project!  You see, she called me one day and after the "normal" questions, you know, how was your day, what did you do, how's work, how are my nieces..." it quickly turned to, I'm going to the store right now, what are you making?  Ahh, we do this all the time, picking each other's brains for new ideas.  My friends and I always have the same questions for each other, what's for dinner?

My husband always tells me to look in the cookbooks that we have.  I roll me eyes and laugh to myself, thinking, yeah right!  They are so complicated and have so many steps.  Not to mention the 100 ingredients that we DON"T have.  It will make our grocery bill through the roof and I would just rather spend the money and eat out.  Amen?  I thought so.

So we made a little space on the internet for us to blog about and share different recipes, some made up, some given to us, some family recipes and hopefully some of you will email us with your super easy, super simple, super budget friendly recipes!

Here's the email:
stuckingacookingrut at gmail dot com

Here's the link:

I hope that you ladies will get some use out of this.  We are working on some series to do and hopefully can build a good resource for you!!

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