Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A dollar short and a minute late!

Last night Frank and I were joking around and made bets as to which of the 5 couples that we run around with are going to accidently get pregnant by this time next year. Seriously, out of the 6 couples that we are friends with, one is still dating, the other is already married and the other 4 are getting married in August... I'm in wedding hell!! But seriously, are we the normals ones that are getting married in our mid 20's?
Are we ready for this, to become one with someone... so give up our right to "our way"? To have to share a bed for the rest of our lives, to have to share groceries, no more "my half of the fridge"! I'm getting ready to have a permanent roommate that is never going to leave, that is always going to be there. What is crazy is that we are going to be legally bound to eachother... what the crack! The best part of this whole thing... I never have to do the break up thing ever again... yahoo!!
Sometimes, I feel like I'm a little late. My girlfriends from high school have been married for years. They are all starting to have babies... seriously? I remember football games and spring breaks! Not bottles and pack and plays. Am I just late on wanting these things?

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