Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lovies, Dovies and babes

For the 4th of July, Frank and I packed up the car for a long weekend in Myrtle Beach with the Family. When we got there, things were already kicking. We all loaded up again and headed for the grocery store, leaving grandmother behind. What a scene. We had more food that i thought possible for 10 people to eat! So the weekend was awesome... we ate, played on the beach and had amazing conversations. After the first night, my dad decided that our condo was not good enough and informed us that we would be moving the next day and to our surprise we GOT BEACH FRONT!! What a great treat! That afternoon; Carson, Brad, Amanda, Emily, Frank and I moved all of us to the our new condo, it look 5 bellman carts and 2 grocery carts, but we did it.

As a thank you for our big move and only one lost pillow, my dad treated us to cracker barrel a few nights later. As we were trying to leave (imagine molasses moving in January... you get the idea), Frank, Carson and I were looking at baby clothes and laughing at all the cuteness. Well one think leads to another and before I know it, Cynthia is buying Frank and I baby clothes!!

That night, I was looking at them and thinking. How is it possible to miss something that is not even here, that is not even made? How can you want something so bad that you know that you can not have right now. How can your heart be so full for something that you know you are not ready for yet?

So yes, is it a little premature to have these? Absolutely. Are we ready to have kids? No way. Do we want them? More than anything! Do we know what is in store for us? No way, but I can't wait to see.

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