Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I don't need you anymore!

For the last 8 months Ryder and I have been hanging out. He tells me about his Mimi and Nanna, the next trip that they are going on, what colors he likes, what he wants to eat, that he likes beer, all the different flavors of lollipops that he likes, what construction equipment that he wants to see... did I mention that he is only 2?? Yes, the little man is 2 and will be 3 in October. We have a blast together. He is very independent, except doing up and down the back steps at home. Today was a very sad day... he told me that he didn't need me!

As I watched him go down the stairs like a big boy today, i was so proud of him. Of how much progress that he has made.

I think of myself and how teachable I am. I think that as we drift through life, we think that we only learn the big stuff.... don't drink too much- it makes you really sick, don't be mean to people- they won't like you, don't date jerks- they break your heart, etc. But those are the things that we can learn from other people. Do we notice the little things that we finally master... going to bed on time, daily quit times, faithfully praying for friends and family, talking to someone because you know they really need your ears.... what about those things? Are we growing? Are we moving forward?

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