Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh the tongue~

Frank and I started this new thing, where daily we read the same scripture and then when we get home at night we talk about it. I really like it, I feel like we are moving together and becoming more of a whole.

Tonight I really prayed that the Lord would speak to me while i was reading. That He would move in my heart.

I read James 3. The tongue.... the scary chapter!
vs. 8, "restless evil, full of deadly poison."
Oh how I cringe!! I am so convicted of my tongue. I have wonderful girlfriends whom we all hold each other accountable to make sure that our genuine concern does not take the mean route, a husband that tells me to stop when it is just gossip (don't judge me please!).
I think about the hurt that I know I must have caused friends and family along the way. I think about the poison that has come out of my mouth that I know stung so deep... I am forever regretful!
I think of the wonderful friends and family that I have. Family that is not even blood that would do more than the blood. I think about them and how they are so wise. I wonder if they struggle like this.

*Is it bad to drink wine while blogging about Jesus?

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