Monday, January 3, 2011

Black Bean Chipotle Soup with a side of HEAVEN!

So we got a crockpot.  I'm in love.  Yes, I'm in love with the crock pot and if I could, I would make out with it, I would.
I made Black Bean Chipotle Soup tonight, and it was delicious.  I knew that it would based on the ingredients.

I started with this:
1 lbs. of dried black beans.  Cover them on water and boil for 2 minutes.  Remove from heat and let sit for 1 hour.

In the mean time, Chop up one white onion, 2 carrot sticks (or a hand full of those yummy baby ones) and two celery stalks.
Let the dog have some.

In the crock pot, start with 6 cups of chicken (or veggie) stock (I know, I got the wrong thing), 2 cups of whole crushed tomatoes, a can of diced green chilies and a can of chipotle peppers in the red sauce that smells like bbq sauce.  Drain the green chilies and chop up the chipotles.  Stir.

Then add the dry ingredients:

When the beans are done soaking, add them:

Tell your hubby to stop hovering!

Because girl, you go this!

Cook for 1 hour of high.  Then 6 hours on low.  At about hour 5 1/2 it should look like this:

Then get the blender or food processor out and chop it up!

Let it finish cooking.  Finally let your hubby get his hands dirty and get him to make some yummy corn bread.

Serve in a fun bowl.  Add a dollop (or two) of sour cream and a spoon full of salsa.

Finally (and hopefully not at 10:30pm) you get to enjoy!

Enjoy... and start early!!

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