Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's the new year... the new Abbey is on the way.  This will be my first year in my late 20's, the first whole year as a mom, the first year of being a bridesmaid (a matron of honor at that) and first full year (since I was 16) that I have not worked. *please do not comment, I know staying at home is full time work, but I will not be bringing in income.
So here's my new year's charge:
The other day, I bought the scary size jeans.  You know, the size that you swear to yourself that you will never wear because you will never get to that.  Well I did and it needs to change- now!  So this is what I want for me this year.  To get healthy.  I want to completely detox.  I don't know when, I need to do some homework.  I want to get more active.  I want my babes to know how to go and play, how can they when the momma doesn't?  What about our sweet pup, he needs to be walked and played with... so here we go!

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