Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow days....

So Monday in the early am came the snow... it was high adventure the next morning when we headed out to "take the dog out"....

Annabelle and I mostly watched Dallas and Frank play.  Dallas wasn't understanding what was happening to the snow balls after they hit him.  He was trying to play fetch.
The Robertson's
We have had the fireplace on for 2 days now, it's so cozy and if our dog does not fit in this stereo type, I don't know what does!

Yesterday we got a little stir crazy and our friend Mel was flying home from Africa, so we loaded up and took her car to the airport.  We stopped at my parents house to get the rest of our things and shoveled the driveway for them.  We came home and I did some baking, it was a total flop, should have taken a picture so you could have laughed with us!  

Today on the other hand, Frank was about to explode if he did not get out of our "matchbox" of a house.  He said that he thinks it would be better if he had a man cave.  I laughed at him and told him that even if we had 10,000 sq. ft. he would still be wanting to leave!  He agreed and I sent him to daycare cigar shop.
AB and I decided that we wanted to head out for some adventure also!  She needs some baby books and I need the next baby wise book... Barnes and Noble bound.  Well, I accidental left the diaper bag in Frank's truck yesterday... no big deal, going to B&N and be back in an hour.  Maybe a diaper change, maybe.  So I threw in a diaper and some wipes and a burp clothe in my purse with an extra passy.  Well, the lady at B&N gave me the wrong directions and we ended up at Marshall's/ home goods store.  
This is what we found:

They have such good deals on baby/ kids books, I could not believe it!

And then to my absolute joy, the cooking gods were on my side and I found this:

Cheaper than amazon, B&N and anywhere that I have been looking.  I was so excited.

Now to the best part of the story... while in the middle of my domestic goodness find, I smell this funk.  The funk is coming from my precious babe who is smiling and "talking" to me.  Maybe she was telling me about the mess I was about to find.  We go to the bathroom.  I unload the stroller of the goodies, praying no one snags my cookbook.  Get in there, no changing table, curse the store, magically become super flexible, wipe up the counter, get my wipes and 1 diaper that I have, unsnap those cute pants and BAM, the mother of all blow outs!!  Holy poop!  Up the front and back, all over the onsie that she has on, on the socks... EVERYWHERE!  And what is she doing, laughing.  The sample package that I have of wipes is not cut out for this crap- literally!  I make do with that I've got.  I don't even snap her back up!  Why might you ask, because I now have poop all over me!  Put her in back in the car seat, call Frank and head straight home.  What does Frank ask me after laughing, "did you take a picture?"  Dang it, I always forget!!  

So there we have it, poop stories for a pretty and sunny Wednesday!


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Tiffany said...

blow outs need pictures!! They are the best for future first dates, and rehearsal dinners!! ;-)

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