Friday, March 18, 2011

6 month round up!

Oh sweet Annabelle, you turned 6 months yesterday!  Where has time gone??  You are so big now!  Here is what you like in your 1/2 a year of life:

  • You love to people watch.  You are a Robertson, it is expected.
  • You love to laugh- a lot!  
  • You love Dallas, but you grab his fur and kick him any chance you get, can we work on that?
  • You love to eat!  You started solids a few months back, you have become less and less interested in the bottle.
  • You love apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, acorn squash and pears- those are your favorites.
  • You like to watch big kids and when people are talking, you look at them like you are really listening to them.
  • You do not like it when I am teaching you to sign.  If fact, you resist.  I'm okay with this for right now.
  • When you are hungry, you let me know!!
  • You LOVE bath time with your daddy.  You do this nightly and you play these silly games and it makes you laugh.
  • Sleep:  You sleep 11-13 hours a night and you love it!  You love your crib and really love to nap.  Can I tell you how thankful that i am and I pray that this doesn't change?
  • You love to snuggle, but then again, you are a Robertson, and that is what we do best, snuggling!
  • Your grandma got you this lovey when you were first born, and you love it.  If fact, you are obsessed with it.  You will not sleep without it.  We have two and our house and there are 3 in the safe at her house... just in case!
  • You started playing peek a boo and you think it's so funny.  You do it mostly when I come to get you out of your crib.  It melts my heart!
  • At your last appointment with the Dr.  You were in the 95% for both height and weight... can I tell you how cute your little chubby legs are??
  • You learned to sit up all by yourself the other day and you are so proud of yourself.  You are still a little unstable, but you work so hard at it!  
  • You love to "stand up".  Any chance that you get!
  • You "talk" and "sing" non-stop.  I spend most of our days just laughing at you.  You have so much to say for being so young.  I would really like to know what you are thinking half the time.
  • Your daddy and i think that you say "hi" and "I love you"... while you don't come out and say it like an adult, your pitch is the same when you "talk" and the noise that you make is the same.
  • You love being outside (thank goodness!!) and road trips.
I love you sweet Annabelle and can't wait for the next six months!

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Hilary Surratt said...

ahhh.... so sweet! happy 6 months AB! :)

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