Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, not so lame.

A few weeks ago we announced that, to our shock, baby #2 would be here in September.  A few weeks after that we announced that baby #2 was due the day after Annabelle would turn one.  I have wrestled with this.  I really have.  Am I ready for this??  Can we handle this??  What the crack were we thinking??  We decided to cling to what we know is true and made a pack that we would laugh through it, just like we have done with everything else.

Today I went to meet my OB.  She was so kind and patient for all my questions.  I'm a wanna be at home birth momma but I'm a chicken.  There I said it.  I wish that I had the courage and discipline to do cloth diapers and eat all organic and birth at home.  But I don't.  But I love the idea.  I will again, give into the hospital birthing ways and regret it once again.  I will be outraged when that bill comes in October and the phone calls start, asking for money while I'm still healing and drugged up for the damage that is inevitable on my body.

But as for today, on this day, I'm so so thankful for my healthy little people.  I have one wild woman that squeals in public and "talks" to strangers.  I have another babe inside of me that has made me sicker than I have ever been and I love it already.  And a pup that thinks he is human and deserves to eat off our plates and that baby food is a treat.

So here are my healthy babes:

Our first baby.

Oh Annabelle, you taught us what "love at first sight" was.  And it was beautiful!
(please don't look at the mess in the back ground... )

Baby #2... we can't wait to find out what you are in 3 short weeks!  But mostly, we can't
wait for you to get here so we can all snuggle :)

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