Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Birthday, anniversary and an update...

Super long post with lots of goodies for pictures!

Happy Birthday Frank!
Yesterday that is!!
I'm so excited to celebrate yet another birthday with you!  They seem to just get better and better, right?  I hope that you enjoyed your gifts and dinner out with the family.  The gifts seem so minor to how we really feel about you and to celebrate your new year that way did not seem grand enough.  I'm really looking forward to celebrating this season next year when I'm not large and in charge!!  We'll have a glass of wine with NO sides of hormonal, okay?
I'm so thankful that your mom raised you the way that she did and sharpened you to become the man that you are.  I pray that this year will be your year to shine, that you will become an even better leader, provider and family man that you already are.  I know I don't tell you enough, but thank you for all that you do for us.  We are so thankful that you leave the house each morning so early to go and work hard and provide for us!  We are so thankful for you.  We are also sorry that we can't keep it down when you are trying to sleep past 8am on your days off.  Somehow you always wake up right when it's getting fun, sorry!!

Happy 3rd Anniversary

My my how far we've come, amen?  AMEN!  I love you more today than I did the day that I married you!  I still cannot believe that you chose me to spend the rest of your life with or to be the mother of your children!  That you trust me and believe in me enough to stay at home and raise this crew of little ladies. Do you know that I pray over you when I'm wiggly at night and get up for the 1235321323544 time during the night to go potty?  I'm sorry for torturing you for the first, at least, 2 years of marriage with bad cooking.  You've been a good sport~
Remember our day?  Remember how sweet it was?  Remember how rainy it was?  Do you remember me telling you what Alli told me as my dad and I were about to come and meet you at the alter?  She said, "rain on your wedding day is a sign of fertility!!"  HAHA!  Maybe that was our sign for hyper fertility... we should have known!  Remember how much fun we had dancing and laughing on that day? Remember our new clothes and how good we smelled? 

Remember the cupcakes and the food?  Ahh, the food!!  Remember riding in the limo and how tired we were?  Do you remember what I whispered to you right before we signed the marriage license?  Remember how happy we were that day?

Here's a recap of the last 3 years of marriage:
1.  Got married, honeymooned in the Appalachian mountains.  Lots of firsts for me; hiking, winery, Biltmore, fishing and a real vacation :)

2.  Went to Nicaragua 

3.  Been on numerous trips including Atlanta, Texas, Nashville and VA.

4.  Gave into your "need to nurture something."  That was a load of crap and I should have stuck to my guns and gotten a turtle or a fish!
5.  4 months later, AB was made.
6.  Then we had her!

On the way home from the hospital!

7.  3 months later, we find out #2 is on the way!
8.  Emily gets married.
So, here's to you Mr. Robertson:  I hope this year is full of happiness, little trials, much harvest and for love, no more babies... at least for this year :)

11 Months and counting!
yesterday that is!!

Happy 11 months AB!  You have survived out parenting and I'm so proud of you!  Here's what you are up to:
  • You are crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything.  You are working up the courage to let go while you are standing but are so nervous about it.
  • You have not been a good sleeper lately... boo!  Waking up several times a night, what's up with that?  Can you puh-lease stop?!?!
  • You got your third tooth, the upper left front tooth.  The one next to it looks like it's coming in any day now.
  • You talk non-stop.  And based on the length of this blog, I wonder where you get it from.
  • We found out this week that you can suck through a straw... so big of you!

  • You weigh in at 19.78 lbs. and I have no clue how tall you are, sorry!
  • You love to laugh~  Your new favorite thing is for us to talk in your mouth.  You open up real wide and put your mouth to ours so that we can make noise in there.  You think it's a riot!
  • You are now in 12 months bottoms and 18 month tops.
  • You are trying so hard to say "Dallas" and haven't quiet figured out that I'm momma and daddy is dadda.  You do say both quiet often through.  
  • Funny story:  The other day, dadda got home for work and walked in and said "hey".  I responded with a "hey" and you came crawling around the corner with a "hey".  The "hey's" were all drawn out southern "hey's" and we all got a good laugh.
  • You will eat ANYTHING!  Current favorites:  Hawaiian bread, strawberries, toast, avocados, any fruit really, sauteed veggies, spaghetti and pot roast.
  • Almost every night you take a shower with daddy.  You guys play on the floor of the shower and you love it.  He wraps you up and passes you out.  I love the few minutes that you let me snuggle you, I soak it up!
I love you sweet baby and cannot wait to celebrate your 1 year with us!!

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