Monday, August 15, 2011


The last few nights AB has been waking up and crying for about a minute and then falls back to sleep.  This is not like her at all.  She is a great sleeper!  She is like clock work.  12+ a night plus 2 2 hour naps.  She is like her momma and likes her sleep and needs her sleep!  The last week or two she has been protesting naps and really crying, I mean I go in there to "help" her get adjusted to take a nap and she's sweating.  WHAT THE HECK?!?

So when the said night time thing happens, we don't go in there, just let her work it out.  We have never really rocked her, so rocking her now doesn't really help.  It helps in the moment but then we're back to square one when we put her down.  Last night was different.  She woke up around 11:30, unfortunately, i was still awake and Frank was already asleep.  I went in there and tried to lay her down.  I could tell that she was in that weird, half awake, half asleep state (you know when you feel like you are drunk!).  She was not having it.  I got her up and just held her and whispering to her that it's still night night time and to hush, that everything was still okay in this world.  Laid her down and no luck.  I picked her back up and started again.  I started to get really aggravated.
Then it REALLY hit me, I'm never going to have this baby again!  AB will never be almost 11 months again!  I need to soak up this time that she will still lay her head on me and want JUST ME!  As I stood there holding her relaxed body, listening to her make her sweet noises and her trying to get comfortable with my big belly in the way, I realized that I don't soak up enough of her.  Yes, we have a good laugh during the day and we play a lot, but I don't soak up her "babyness" enough.  I need to slow down and sit on the floor more, I need to crawl around with her more, I need to ask her more questions (she does answer by the way) and I need to be less rushed by life to enjoy these sweet moments that are slipping away all to fast!

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