Monday, August 8, 2011


Have you ever felt stuck?  I sure have.  I feel stuck sleeping in the same position late in pregnancy or when I think I can make it through a narrow space, forgetting about this big ole' belly.  Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a rut at Starbucks:  tall, skinny decaf hazelnut latte.  But what about life?  We sure do.  We feel stuck.  Like right after AB was born and the promising job of "more than we could ask or imagine" was really a "too good to be true".  We were stuck at my parents house, they blessed us with a free room to lay our heads, a comfy couch to let my body heal from birth and lots of snuggles and love for our new babe.  But really, we were stuck.  We couldn't even afford diapers!  It was scary.  But our Maker had our favor and brought more than several miracles our way.  We made it out of stuckedness (I just made up that word, and spell check knows it!).
We feel stuck again.  Frank's job is good.  We have awesome benefits, flexible schedule and a great deal on home improvement equipment at our disposal... carpet cleaner machine for $4, yes please!  But he doesn't feel satisfied.  He knows it is not what the Lord wants of him.  I am working on the art of homemaking and working on encouraging him and sending him off better than he came home the night before, but there is only so much I can do.  
With all that said, we are really searching, praying and petitioning for God to give us some direction.  We are excited about the future and holding on.  Every time that we have been "stuck" the Lord has done some really cool things.  I can not wait to see where our prayers and petitions will take us.

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